• mercuryrev replied to the topic Apple Store vs John Lewis in the forum Chat Forum 4 days ago

    Not sure if this is still the case, or not, but from experience buying from an apple store gives you a much longer warranty.

    Please ask in store, however, as it’s not something they shout from the roof tops.

    I bought a Macbook Air back in 2011 and like Triggers Broom, it’s had a new keyboard when certain keys kept sticking, a new screen and a…[Read more]

  • ITV news managed to tweet a photo of a fox (handy if you don’t know what one looks like pre headstoving) and Jolyon, with a not quite out of focus sign behind him, reading ‘above the law’ (handy if you need to hate Jolyon even more).

    The Right Wing doesn’t know whether to love or hate foxes now though….

  • We’ve lived in SW France for nearly four years now and it has had it’s challenges, as does everywhere, I guess. The one thing I wish we had done was to spend more time here before buying. You cannot know what it is like living somewhere until you spend at least six months there. In hindsight, I wouldn’t have chosen the area we live in, perhaps not…[Read more]

  • We early retired to France just before the referendum and now, because we pay income tax and have pension funds, we can access the health service here.

    I am pretty sure that if you don’t have funds to support yourself, or have a job in the EU, then you won’t be allowed to stay, or access the health system. The French (and other countries I would…[Read more]

  • Absolutely superb speech and in the light of the fictitious tory party twitter accounts, doctored videos, misleading websites, very topical.

  • They are looking to reunite someone with shares and dividends that have somehow got lost.

    If it is them then they are legit but be aware they do take a serious chunk out of any old unclaimed dividends.