• I did a slightly shorter version in one day, basically followed the standard route to Alston but then just stayed on the road to Hexham, means you miss out a killer climb from Stanhope. Total distance is 126 miles and 8000 ft climbing and took me about 8 hours. It’s actually not too difficult, I think the key is to just pick a nice day with a…[Read more]

  • Mdavids – if it’s the same N53 engine I had in a 325i (2009) unfortunately (after much digging) I found out that there is new hardware required to get up to 30i power not just remap.

    Nope its the N52 and the only difference between the 125 and 130 is the Ecu map. It’s a proven remap that just removes the restrictions from the throttle ope…[Read more]

  • 125i coupe now owned for 4 years through which it’s been very reliable. Its got a slightly strangled version of the 3.0 six pot found in the 130 but a simple £300 remap un-strangles it freeing up an extra 50hp.
    Bit of a hidden gem in my opinion and can’t see me getting rid any time soon, the engine is an absolute peach.