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    Not that model but I picked up the large Yoyo a while back for not much more & it’s been great – plenty of physical connections which is useful – connected to the tv via HDMI ARC & also has a 3.5mm stereo input & an optical too, check ebay for refurb/open box deals on those – I was going to get a pair of the smaller ones but got a…[Read more]

  • Looks interesting, I like the engineering concept – not entirely sure they’ll find many roadies willing to shell out £9k on a bike that weighs 8.5kg & only comes in M or L though

  • many moons ago on holiday with a bunch of mates in Ibiza, one of them ended up with quite a bout of food poisoning – he’d burned through about 4 bog rolls in 1 day & was in there shouting for more, we were having a beer on the balcony & being terrible people no one offered to help, all went quiet then he strode past a couple of minutes later,…[Read more]

  • Another vote for the Link / Link+ – they’re very bright & very noticeable, plus whatever you look at gets lit up like a Christmas tree. Not just a “be seen” helmet light either – on full power it’s as bright as a decent bike mounted setup & will light up the road pretty well too. Not the cheapest but i’d much rather spend £50 or so on a Link…[Read more]

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    No pics unfortunately, but a friend of mine rigged up an impressive 12v setup using the leds usually fitted to emergency vehicles & some custom wiring & brackets – they were bright, even with a diffuser you could see it was him half a mile up the road – he was behind me on the way home one night, I could see my silhouette projected on a building…[Read more]

  • Cheap hardtails are not just for Christmas winter! 🙂

    I recently picked up an olde Genesis High Latitude 29er to try & get back into off road stuff more – had converted to full on roadie as it’s kinder to my knees but couldn’t resist another cheap-ish hardtail for knocking about on in the cooler months – terribly unfashionable, steel frame, 2×10,…[Read more]

  • Those long femurs and narrower hips make quite a bit of difference! Male Puberty is the best Anabolic ever!

    As a 40 year old hobbit with womanly hips I can only look forward to these performance enhancing benefits when they decide to appear 😀

  • do you really believe your first paragraph? Look at the photo’s. That surely is evidence this athlete has not produced muscle mass by training alone. In fact I’d go as far as suggesting Rachel does not need to train as much as her opposition in order to win. This is someone who was born a male, went through puberty as a male, trained and rac…

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  • Yet I’m sure you are aware there’s a very strong probability.

    Which is all there really is for a lot of evidence-based decisions that get made.

    Of course there’s a very, very, “strong” probability, just playing devil’s advocate

    @mcj78 what a crock of nonsense.

    Well that’s a exceedingly well thought out & reasoned argument – not even sur…[Read more]

  • Yeah, posture aside – there’s no absolute proof that had she been born a woman she would not have the same physiological attributes she currently possesses. It is likely that exposure to testosterone has given her a developmental benefit re. muscle mass, but it’s impossible to prove that couldn’t have been achieved on training alone.

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  • Mumsnet claiming this photo says it all


  • I got knocked off in similar circumstances a year or so ago – bike wan’t badly damaged & I only had a few scrapes & bruises so I decided to go through the driver’s insurance myself. Turned into a massive pain in the tits to even get recompensed for the small repairs the bike needed & I wish I had involved a lawyer to handle it despite the low…[Read more]

  • It’s a complicated subject – there definitely needs to be more discussion at the top level, the topic of additional categories for trans athletes might be a touchy one though, as it’s effectively segregating them from their “sex” class in sporting events, intersex athletes too, but I don’t see where the “fair” split could be…

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