• get yourself to lidl (if you have one nearby)…

    Pack of tortilla wraps ~80p

    Tub of humus ~ 60p

    Salad ~ 60p

    Pack of Gosh falafel type things ~ £1.50

    Squish it all in a wrap, roll it up and bobs your uncle. about 80p per wrap

  • marp replied to the topic Death of a coffee machine in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    I’d second the sage / breville barista express….

    We bought one for our office in Sydney, and it got used fairly heavily by about 15 people. Didn’t miss a beat. You can set the shot volume, shot temperature, it has a decent steam wand that lets you do it yourself to get proper textured milk etc.

    Was so good that 5 of us all went to buy one…[Read more]

  • marp replied to the topic Improve my morning Brew in the forum Chat Forum 2 months ago

    I am really enjoying this at the moment. Light roast that is bright, fruity, and not too acidic. They post it out as soon as they roast it so it hasn’t been sat around for ages…

  • we have a mountain buggy urban thingybob which we bought second hand in Oz. It is awesome for outdoors, running, walking, off roading etc but pretty big and a bit impractical for going in some smaller shops…. Build quality is awesome, they are cheap as anything second hand and you can buy loads of spares for them….

    We use the mountain buggy…[Read more]

  • If you want super niche (and not particularly cheap), there is a place in Australia where i have bought a couple of wallets and a bag for the wife. I used to live nearish so would pop in to see them.

    They are called Jones and Wright and they are traditional leather workers (he comes from a family of saddlers). They make handmade leather wallets…[Read more]

  • marp replied to the topic Thieving barstewards in the forum Chat Forum 3 months ago

    thank you Earl_Brutus, just got the email confirming postage! Wife will be happy to be back out on the bike in the rain!

    Thank you everyone!

    Sooty, thank you for your kind offer, but you can now travel to London on the 26th unencumbered! Earl_Brutus has posted me a wheel. I shall stick that one and instruct the wife to lock both…[Read more]