• All it needs is a sticky at the top explaining how to use Google or your own common sense.

    That would probably cut the topics posted each day in half 😂

  • MarkBrewer replied to the topic Engine Braking? in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    Seen many a BMW driver hopelessly snaking up snowy hills in an uncontrollable manner, always wandered quite what it is with those cars.

    It’s not the car!

    A lot of people buy cars and probably don’t even have a clue which wheels the drive goes to, they’ve just bought it because it looks nice/has lots of toys/is the latest sheep car etc etc

  • Um, the company pays them. Then they have funds. What am I missing?

    That they’re kids and they more than likely won’t give a s**t about any of your suggestion, just give them normal pocket money FFS!

    Imagine the conversation when they get asked at school how much pocket money they get. “Um I actually don’t get pocket money, I’m paid a dividend…[Read more]

  • People who wear smart watches probably used to have one of these at school 😂

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    Has to be a wind up with that username surely!

    If not the 3 pages of having your life judged by complete strangers is totally deserved for not just using google 😂

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    There must be a Gary Gritter?

    I’m still trying to find Josef Gritzl and Peter Saltcliffe 😯

  • I reckon it’s a clever ploy to divert the attention away from randy Andy 🤔

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    Unless you’re a total pedal-smasher but hardly anyone is, really.

    I was until I swapped to 165mm crank arms, crap technique may have played a part here too 😂 They took a fair bit of abuse over the years though and replaced them with horizon comps.


  • I love graffiti, I was going to put this in the first rides of 2020 topic but it’s probably better in this one.

    I’ve had a virus over Christmas and knew my lungs wouldn’t take a proper mtb ride so went out and did some town centre riding and checked out a pump track I’d totally forgotten about.

  • All the article says is he was being treated for mental health issues at the time of most of the offences.

    That could mean anything from mildly depressed to full on schizophrenic as far as I’m concerned so I think I’d want to know what it was before making up my mind up.

    As above though the courts will have that information so I’m sure they can…[Read more]

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    I totally skipped 650b and went from 26 straight to 29 and I’m bloody glad I did.

    I did the same, although I still have two 26″ bikes vs one 29er. I’ve always thought 650b was marketing bulls**t from the beginning, from a riding point of view the difference between 650b and 26″ is so small it’s not worth bothering.

    It definitely looks like t…[Read more]

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    This year has been my worst effort for years. I did buy a house that needed a lot of work earlier in the year so sorting that out pretty much wiped out May & June, and I’ve only ridden once so far this month due to a bug I can’t shift.

    I’ll try and squeeze one more proper ride in if I can but got a feeling these stats wont get added to ☹

    Pretty…[Read more]

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    I think it shows a lack of common sense and social skills. Does she always put her foot in it like that

    Or she was bored of the game and pretty clever and knew what she was doing 😉 By throwing that in there and causing an argument its either going to bring the game to an end or provide some good entertainment so win win situation 😂

    It’s t…

    [Read more]

  • This will be my 3rd week of not riding, had this horrible bug that’s been going round for 2 weeks and can’t shift it so admitted defeat this morning and phoned the doctor.

    Was actually starting to enjoy the wet muddy rides lately so missing the riding. But on the plus side it means I haven’t stuffed myself with food and had an alcohol free Christmas.

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    And today’s award for not-the-sharpest-tool-in-the-box goes to…no, not Diane…

    If it wasn’t Diane I’m guessing you got it then 😂

    The non photoshopped version somebody posted was taken the day before the election and unless somebody went to the trouble of photoshopping all these pictures she must have had odd shoes on.

    I can’t see to find…[Read more]

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    This is my favourite bit from the description

    Application: This riding light is suitable for children over 3 years old and also suitable for adults. It is a good gift for children and cycling enthusiasts

  • My local bike shop (sadly closed now 😥) was always ok with me bringing a dirty mountain bike in and leaning it against the window or counter. In my experience bike shops are usually ok providing you ask first, I’d never take the bike in a normal shop though.

    Our local Sainsbury’s express has a security fellow, I’ve seen him stop people tak…

    [Read more]

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    I would rather have Abbot that Patel by about 100 billion times

    Just when you think she’s reached peak stupidity she turns up to vote today like this 😂 😂 😂 Unless it fake!

  • MarkBrewer replied to the topic 2019 General Election in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    I still haven’t decided. I don’t want the Tories in as Boris is a lying prick, dont like labour either as Corbyn is an idiot but the bigger issue for me is if they won the Abbopotamus would be home secretary which is a worrying thought 😱

    Which party is giving out the free sweets 😂

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