• We bought our 55 reg bmw 330d touring back off the insurers after a van dented the tailgate, writing off a car that we’ve owned for 6 yrs, and had recently spent £2k replacing the clutch, DMF, tyres & brake pads etc.

    I think we got roughly £4.5k for the car less £1k to get it back. It now owes us nothing, so I plan to run it for the fo…[Read more]

  • An inattentive van driver dented the tailgate on our 55 plate BMW 330d touring and that was enough to render it a cat N write off. £4,500 offer from our insurer less a £1k buy-back meaning we’ve got a perfectly usable car that now owes us nothing.

    The fact we’d recently spent the best part of £2k on the clutch / DMF, tyres and a service ju…[Read more]

  • 2010 Orange Alpine 160, medium / 18″ Hope Tech M4 brakes & floating rotors Fox 36 forks Cane Creek double barrel shock with titanium spring I used to ride this…