• Plus one,  love those Sonders of yours! Bold as brass!

    And that’s very interesting news Liam! Tbe Evols seem very good value so a longer travel version could be very tempting!

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    Also: good people, dogs and bikes.

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    Somehow getting through that unexpected patch of shattered glass without a puncture!

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    Great thread! Dogs are amazing!

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    You’re going to hell! 😉

    Surely it’s actually a case of, if your wife had fun and stayed unhurt,  then it’s all good.

    There was a woman riding the Steel City track in Greno,  Sheffield on Saturday on a skinny-wheeled commuter bike. She didn’t look like she was having fun.  Luckily she stayed the right way up, somehow.

    On another side note,  I’v…[Read more]

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    I’ve got a pair of the Decathlon Fast Hiking trousers that were about 40 quid. They aren’t waterproof, but they are very lightwieght (may not actually be a positive – I’m yet to take another tumble on tarmac), dry rather quickly, have two not very deep pockets (useful for stashing things briefly, not for riding with), and have a nice taper from…[Read more]

  • There’s a Seth’s Bike Hacks video where he cuts through those hiplock locks with a pair of sturdy scissors! 🙄🙄🙄

    Living this thread though. Lots of useful things in here. And frivolous ones too.

  • The picture of that Amazon Wasaga light being used as a head torch is priceless! It’s massive! What lunatic would use one like that? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Chamois cream for a 39 mile organised ride in the Peaks. I’ve never used it before, but a roadie friend always does, and I now understand why. The route was very pedally and I was expecting quite a bit of discomfort at the end, but experienced none. Now if I’m out for more than an hour it’s time to butter up!

    Also, an Onza Ibex 2.4 for the rear.…[Read more]

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    My last two crashes whilst commuting on the road have resulted in drivers stopping and asking if I was ok. The first was a heavy tumble on the tram tracks here in Sheffield. The woman driving behind me actually pulled over to see how I was, even offering a lift to minor injuries.

    The second was on a roundabout, and a bloke slowed right down,…[Read more]

  • That finger! Ouch!

    My most recent crash happened as I was putting my first pedal stroke after coasting across a roundabout on my way to work. It transpired that my lockring had come away from the cassette (no idea how!) but as I was in 11th gear, the chain slipped and I got highsighded off the bike. Luckily there were no cars behind me. There…[Read more]

  • I recently picked up a pair of the Quecha Fast Hiking trousers. 30 quid. They’ve got a windproof panel on the front, are nicely tapered so they don’t interfere with the chain/chainring, and are very light. I’ve worn them with baselayer leggings underneath on colder days (most, nowadays!) and without. They are great for the money, They aren’t…[Read more]

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    Look ar the GMBN training videos. There are a few that are quite good.

    Like this one:

    Only a 6 minute circuit that you can build up the number of circuits.

    Or get a turbo trainer set up in front of a tv to ease the boredom.

  • My MT500 pullover waterproof jacket is the answer to ‘which waterproof jacket isn’t very waterproof?’  As is the zipped version that a friend has. I can’t argue with the quality of the construction, it seems very nicely made, but it isn’t very good at its job.

    Tried my Decthlon fast hiking trousers earlier. They are really decent for the price.…[Read more]

  • I bought a pair of Endura Humvee waterproof trousers recently.  They are really good, but I’ve just bought a pair of running tights (i don’t wear padded shorts)  to wear under them as they’re a bit sweaty.

    Thanks to @zezaskar I now own a pair of Decathlon fast hiking trousers. 30 quid, so a little more than the ones linked, but they feel good. H…[Read more]

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    @superjohn71 I just use table salt.  That’s what we used in the experiment. Seems to work ok for mggee.

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    @poopscoop what Drac said.  I tend to make 2l, so use 400ml squash,  1.6l water and half a teaspoon salt.

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    During my degree we did a comparison between branded isotonic drinks and a homemade recipe using mass spectrometry. There was effectively no difference.

    The recipe was:

    100ml squash (preferably not no-added sugar)

    400ml water

    1/8 teaspoon salt

    Nice, easy and cheap.

  • If you can’t get out for a run, try skipping. You can do it at home, and it’s a ridiculously good workout.

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    I really enjoyed Peaty’s talk. Great to hear the big dpg’s story in his own words. Quite a few laughs and a touch of emotion as he’d not long lost his dad.

    I’m going to see Greg this evening in Buxton. Should be interesting at the very least. An evening with friends, listening to a legend of the sport talking bikes can’t be a bad thing!