• The charge time for the Zoé at 10A on a normal socket is 29h 34mins, that’s hardly overnight and its a small car. A 16A greenup is the minimum you need at home, and unless you have a public charger that is always free just up the road, a 7kW a very good idea..

    Fair enough. I suppose what I meant was that even on 10A you can add 100 miles ov…[Read more]

  • As an EV owner I feel I should comment on a few points raised on this thread…

    (apologies, I haven’t read every post)

    Charging speed

    Try timing yourself from the moment you park to when you get back to your car next time you stop at a motorway services on a long journey for a rest, a pee, to buy a pint of milk and drink a cuppa. You might be…[Read more]