• If it’s done right it’s fine.

    If you need to make two bits of metal into one, welding is the correct method, it’s why chassis in top fuel race cars aren’t bolted together.

    Pretty much this. If it’s good enough for a massive ship……[Read more]

  • I’m not sure there is a modern equivalent of those engines, they were pretty much the reliability pinnacle of the technology/regulation curve.

    My brother sold on a Skoda Fabia with that engine a number of years ago. He thought it was getting on a bit and was worried about reliability/big bills. He’s on his third car since then, and still sees the…[Read more]

  • kenneththecurtain replied to the topic New Defender in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    The cars used in the thrilling sneak peek are based on the Defender X model finished in Santorini Black with 20-inch alloy wheels and darkened skid plates. But due to the action-packed scenes, they’ve also been fitted with a roll cage, new bucket seats, racing harnesses and a pair of off-road tires

    Just a pair? Cheapskates.

  • Good luck with the build. Would love to see progress pics. 👍

    Well, if you insist 😀
    Today I made (most of) a bed frame.

    How many gallons to the mile does it do?

    With the previous (much smaller) box body on the back, it did around 17mpg. I expect that to drop a bit now that it essentially has a massive sail to drag around. I’ve only driven it…[Read more]

  • Check out BiMobil layouts for their large 4*4 units


    Some interesting ideas there, cheers. Also, that Unimog… The want is strong, even though it would be too small and too off-roady for me. Sorry for the loss of your van :'(

    Saw this beast in Portugal last…

    [Read more]

  • If it’s not already, you want insulate that.

    Bed across the back though, above the chafer, with tonnes of storage underneath. Possibly with a wardrobe at the non-window end.

    The box used to be a fridge, so it’s well insulated. The walls are a fibreglass/45mm foam/fibreglass sandwich, there’s around 150mm foam under the floor.

  • As per title. Available space is 5.1m long, 2.3m wide, 2.1m high:

    There’s a 0.6m x 45degree chamfer missing at the lower rear:

    Current plan is fixed high level bed across rear, with (upright) bike storage underneath. Kitchen units and cupboards down right hand side, seating and table down left side. Shower tray and toilet front right corner.…[Read more]

  • Well it hasn’t happened in months but I was told last night to “get a f ing car” by a driver.

    It’s not often I get abuse from drivers, but when I do it’s usually this. It’s actually an interesting one, it goes some way to answering the question posed in the thread title.

    The automatic assumption by this group of drivers is that I’m only on a…[Read more]

  • I had a set of 66’s that had a very different angle at the steer tube from the stanchions.

    There may have been some connection between this and badly casing a large double with one wheel either side of the lander…

  • kenneththecurtain replied to the topic Scotland Indyref 2 in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    A couple of points made here rang very true for me.

    The vast majority of my friends/family voted ‘no’ for indyref, ‘remain’ for brexit. A lot of them feel very angry that we have now been dragged out of the EU thanks to the will of the English voters. I suspect that feeling could well lead to a very…[Read more]

  • Only the latest model has no separate chassis. Which was the principal issue with that crash testing. And yes there are plenty of other options. Mostly Japanese

    D3 and D4 had a separate chassis, but they also had a monocoque. They won’t behave like the D1 in the video above in a crash. I’m by no means a D3 fan, but if I was going to have a crash…[Read more]

  • Again with the 20 year old technology .

    Just 20? That’s a disco 1 (1989ish-1998ish), which is essentially a range rover classic (1970-1996ish) with different exterior panels. It’s a live axle body-on frame job, rather than the disco 3’s independent suspension, monocoque on frame (yep, it’s got a monocoque AND a chassis, no wonder it’s 700kg…[Read more]

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    I met Jamie from Lonely Mountain at the Edinburgh Art Fair in 2018. He was a lovely guy. We were there to support a mutual friend who sometimes does terrific artwork on his skis.

    Opened this thread to see if it was his stuff being discussed; Jamie’s a top bloke.

  • I’ve just done exactly that. Gave my boss an informal heads up that I’m offski in 3 months, even though I’m only on a 4 week notice. I know it’ll take longer than 4 weeks to find a replacement, and it’ll be easier for everyone else in the department if they don’t have to do without someone in my role for a while.

    Can’t really think of any…[Read more]

  • kenneththecurtain replied to the topic WW3 in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Wait till climate change properly kicks in and entire nations start running out of food and water. Dunno about world war, but certainly lots of individual ones…

  • Sadly Franz Reichelt’s experiment with early parachutes.

    Ooft. I think in his shoes I’d have done that off a bridge (above water).

  • Going a bit OT, but…

    Leaving the economics out of it, has anyone got numbers for the CO2 cost of building and running a new (electric or otherwise) car Vs an old one?

    Curious as I drive a 35 year old diesel land rover. It’s not very efficient, so produces more co2 per mile than a modern equivalent. It already exists though, and does maybe 4k…[Read more]

  • kenneththecurtain replied to the topic VW sharan thoughts in the forum Chat Forum 2 months ago

    He said his mechanic recommended 5 years ago to change the oil every 15000 swedish miles with full synthetic oil, and that what he has done.

    Which, thanks to this unexpectedly educational thread, I now know to be 150000 km. Either there’s an extra zero in there or that engine is now lubricated (or not) entirely by tar 😀

  • What’s the betting that the ‘one nation’ Johnson talks of is ‘England’?

    It sure as hell won’t be Scotland, most of us voted SNP to keep the **** out.

  • Am i the only male that get it on here?

    Nope, to add to those who have already chimed in! It’s a lot less common in men though, I think I know one other guy with Reynaud’s.

    On the glove front, pretty much anything that fits and is suitably thin to allow sufficient dexterity for the task at hand is what I roll with.

    In classic STW ‘answer a…[Read more]

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