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    Trailwagger, go visit your nearest Steiner school and see for yourself, they all welcome this, typically including info sessions and seeing the school/classes in action.

    Given above responses (dear god!) I’m happy to chat or email if you want. I inflicted the Steiner school on all 3 of my children. Both me & wife were stated educated.

  • Kilksy I was hoping that was the issue but unfortunately as per above refilled and tested but fluid continued to leak from the lever resevoir.

  • I was bleeding as per the Shimano process.
    I pulled on the lever with a bleed block inserted at the caliper end and fluid dumped out of the lever resevoir (from the round bit at the end which looks like it may be a pressure valve?).
    Is my lever borked or can I fix it?

    For info I did refill the system close the ports etc to check and it was still…[Read more]

  • Jameso, it’s not same as that video.
    Understood your point re Novatech as the info I got from them was misleading.
    However I chatted to an Evans mechanic and below is how I did it for the d482tsbt rear hub.

    1. Remove cassette.
    2. Remove both sets of endcaps (keep in order or take photos etc.). This needs spanners not allen keys. For me the non…[Read more]

  • Wilds my font hub is a Novatec D791SB which is bolt thru.
    I’m taking rear to Evans today in the hope one of the mechanics might enlighten me on how to remove freehub etc.
    I’m happy to pay them to do it but I want to be able to do it myself too.

  • Come on you excitable Arkose owners, someone must know something?
    I’ve exchanged emails with Novatec and no tutorials or help with process to change bearings on this hub.
    For info it’s the hub with nuts that screw on either end of the spindle not Allen keys in the spindle.
    I can remove the non drive nuts and bearing seal but do not know what to do…[Read more]

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    Get the Hoover out, she’ll run to her crate/bed/home.
    Well my GSP pup would.

  • After some help.
    I’ve got a 2017 Arkose with Novatec D482TSBT hubs.
    I can’t find a service guide or tutorial for this hub and need to replace the bearings.
    Anyone able to send me a link?
    This hub does not seem to be listed on the Novatec website.
    I have checked it’s the correct code.

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    Surely if you are in a van it is not cold that is the issue but ventilation.
    Cold is solved with clothing, mattress, sleeping bag and quilts as required.
    The moisture you produce is what you need to ventillate from the van to avoid all sorts of problems. This is not so easy to do unless it is windy and you have open windows etc. that do not also…[Read more]

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    Shoes are the hard one to solve.
    My solution is three pairs to avoid any issues.
    I remove inner sole and hose the shoe. I then try to dry on line, or in porch etc. I try not to put on a radiator (can stink house out), I will put on the dehumidifier as the exhaust air drys them quickly with little or no stink.

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    All outer stuff (jacket, waterproof shorts, overshoes etc.) Does not get washed. If required it gets a hose down. It all then drys in garage or on line if weather good for it. It all lives in the garage as mine is well ventilated.

    All other clothes straight into washing machine, which also lives in the garage.

    Bike gets hosed down if required,…[Read more]