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    Where could I go around Exeter area to watch big waves in this storm?

    Somewhere on the coast would be my recommendation.

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    If “where for” doesn’t flush him out I fear the worst.

  • £30000 video camera lol!

    I’m considering going back to 9 speed

    Nine speed’s as far as I’ve got.

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    New Timex mechanical watch: Already sold out…:-(

    I’m not surprised, that’s worth a hundred quid of anyone’s money. I mean, obviously they can’t have been asking more than that for plastic “crystal”, 50m WR and a kitsch bracelet.

  • Same with the sugar tax – what happened to being personally responsible for my own actions and opinions?

    Yeah, right? I hope you’ve at least doubled your sugar consumption to show them they’re not the boss of you.

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    Also seems bit pointless to use a nato strap for this, you might as well use a regualr nylon strap thats the correct length for your wrist and not have all the excess and the double bit.

    I agree the extra bit on NATOs is pointless but I’m OK with buying them and using scissors as required- you just don’t get the same availability, variety and…[Read more]

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    SKX013 to the rescue!

    Nice, I much prefer the SKX013 over the 007 and 009. I’m not a fan of NATOs worn conventionally, but that looks fine, I’ve more issues with the thicker variants where the doubling up under the watch and the bunching at the side of the wrist look really clumsy, IMO of course.

    Held off on the SARB and in the interim fell…

    [Read more]

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    If my mum decided to have a go down one of the inners black runs on her Pendleton hybrid without wearing a helmet, we’d all be equally judgemental when she inevitably broke herself.

    …Yeah, but I’d still think she was a bit awesome though.

  • There is nothing quite like it,

    The nearest I’ve seen is Early Doors.

    Exactly what I was thinking! So there’s going to be no point recommending Early Doors then…

    How about a total 180 with Curb? Season 10’s shaping up nicely.

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    Opinels are best used to cut cheese on your picnic

    And sausage.

  • Even if you aren’t fanatical about coffee, I find James Hoffmann’s videos excellent!

    Agreed, though I’m ashamed to confess my initial impression (unfairly based on looks alone!) was not favourable. I find his manner and presenting style very soothing with just a smidge of self mockery.

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    After. Fixed!

    Looks just the same…

    Seriously though, good effort. That crown on the new movement (top pic) looks kind of odd. Did you just drop the new movement in as is or have to swap the winder over?
    Let us know what the timekeeping’s like.

  • Could it be a hardware issue? The new drive is a 1TB SSD, it seems to run hotter than the previous 250GB SSD

    Seems to? I’ve a couple of SSDs, a Samsung and a SanDisk. Both came with health monitoring software that reads the temperature, have you got anything like that? Mine have been running trouble free for years, typically at 30-35C – are…[Read more]

  • They maybe attractive and semi clad, but Shakira and JLO are dire

    Performing 30 seconds of a hit then all change is never going to be that great. At least I’m now thinking maybe JLO did do her own pole dancing in Hustlers.

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    Yes I know I’ve scratched it

    Well, “Hardlex”, innit? Orient would have done you sapphire and 200m WR with a screw down crown and bracelet for less money but that’s your Seiko tax right there.

  • Why the **** has a Romulan got an Irish accent?

    Maybe she picked up the language from somebody Irish? You’re right though, Romulans should obviously speak English with an American/English/Someother accent. That’d be OK.

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    @cookeaa It definitely looks like it’s seem some use but I like it like that. The dial looks like a very dark olive green, is it like that in life or just a quirk of the photo? I don’t think I’ve seen that asymmetric design on a NATO before, where’s it from?

    I think I’ll keep the MM300 for evenings/weekends and the Tuna for work; the shroud g…

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    Yeh sorry about that , that made me sound like a right ****.

    Not at all brads, I should have included a smiley to make my post a little less forlorn sounding! The SARB017 is a nice watch for sure, but tbh I’d prefer it without the second crown unbalancing the look. After all, it’s not as if the manual compass bezel is a genuinely…[Read more]

  • Description says its 2020 and New Zealand

    Yeah, I saw that but absence of pads, full-face helmets and long travel bikes plus the plethora of loose cotton Ts says otherwise. I dunno, maybe it’s all part of the vibe and PE is frowned upon.

    Whatever, great vid, thanks for posting it.

  • That looks an absolute hoot! When’s the video from? Must be a decade and more ago going by the bikes and lack of pads on the riders.

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