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    As above. The world is more globalised now then ever. The largest economies are all tied very much together.

  • Pi Woodfired pizza is the best pizza restaurant around.
    Bush at Ovington is one of the nicest country pubs. Also brush makers in Upham but you’ve probably gone home by now.

  • You need to figure out how much you can borrow via a calculator such as on Nationwide’s website. There’s not much point thinking a lot at the moment if what you’re told you can borrow is not enough to buy somewhere you can tolerate.

    Then you can go view places you may be able to afford.

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    Do a day. Quite possibly the best MTB’ing on the planet. To go all that way and be there and not ride would be upsetting.

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    Careful now the faithful will be screaming about all the extra funding our public services got, the record number of young people going to Uni, the longest period of economic growth in British History, the ending of the Troubles, the 3 elections on the bounce and the glorious sense of confidence and unity we enjoyed.
    No wait, they’ll just s…

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    Plus Michael Foot lost an election by less to a far better opponent. Love her or hate her, Thatcher was a natural leader who could garner votes. In contrast the Torys were on their knees 48 hours ago.

    She also had some idea about reality.

    Kinnock made a great speech and kicked out a lot of the militants in Labour and possibly set the…[Read more]

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    They lost direction when they chose Ed over David Miliband. Downhill ever since.

    100% (Although Ed seems a far better choice than Corbyn). And probably why we’re in this mess. DM may have still lost in 2015 but at least he’d be less off the leave fence than JC was on and probably would have resulted in remain. Thanks Ed.

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  • Was good.
    The accident happened in the evening though. Rather than night?

  • Must have some form of heater. Insulation is only part of the solution.

  • Can only echo the thoughts of others. Equipment is an after thought once you understand the terrain and the conditions. They are an absolute last resort and they don’t guarantee survival. Plenty of experienced people with the equipment have died.

    You don’t want to be in that situation in the first place. Get a guide for days you want to go…[Read more]

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    Bearing in mind I only raced it two years ago when it was a washout I’d say the trails are more technical and more fun imo. Certainly felt a bigger physical effort but then it was super wet and boggy.
    This over the ard rock unless you want the festival that is ard rock.