• No pressfit bb – Sentier is screw in.

    Looks really nice – I haven’t seen that colour Sentier before. Hope you enjoy it!

    I wouldn’t be tempted with a red chainring – don’t do that! I stick to steel sram ones as they retain the chain well and last forever (along with their steel cassettes).

  • joebristol replied to the topic struggling to seat a tyre. in the forum Bike Forum 1 day ago

    Sorry – are you just trying to use it with tubes, or are you trying to get it seated using a tube to get the tyre in shape, then un-seat one side and remove the tube and go back up tubeless?

  • not sure why the voodoo is liked so much. thought it had a 1 1/8 straight steerer headtube.

    I think the standard fork is a 1 1/8th straight steerer, but the frame has a 44mm straight headtube. You should therefore be able to run an external lower cup headset to run tapered steerer forks.

  • Instinct now in pole position. I don’t think I’m even vaguely in the serious run or bike training camp but perhaps the basic navigation and compass might be useful. Also like that the Instinct is built a bit more robust as I’m good at crashing / dropping stuff!

  • There are so many Garmin models – just found the Instinct which looks really cool – although maybe a bit light on features vs the 245.

    I think I’m going to rule the Vivoactive out as I have to narrow down the list somehow. I’m thinking the touchscreen is going to be annoying…..

  • A couple of places also have the 735xt almost in budget although I understand thy is is an older model that is : has been recently discontinued….not sure how well it compares.

    Fancying the 245 if I can get one in a sale on Friday…..

  • I did this last year – went for a cheapie Vitus Sentier frame / 2nd hand 140mm Pike / some spare DT Swiss e1900 wheels I had / sram Gx 1x / magic Mary 2.3 / dhr2 2.3 / guide R brakes etc. Since upgraded the brakes to Codes but every thy img has been perfect.

    The frame (being for plus tyres) has masses of mud room in it with 2.3 tyres in there -…[Read more]

  • I helped a mate swap out a very sticky old sram gripshift thing for a trigger shifter. Think the mech was a sram 3.0 and I paired it with a new sram X3 shifter I think it was. Worked really nicely and only cost £12 plus a new cable outer.

    The whole bike was a right state (as the majority of kids bikes seem to be) so I did a complete change of…[Read more]

  • I’ve done a few rides now since putting the Megneg on. Still running 2 bands in the can and no tokens. No harsh bottom outs and I think the bike is sitting a little higher in its travel. Tempted to take the 2 bands out and try it with the biggest possible negative spring and see how that feels.

  • Yeah the Vivo 3 / 45 / 235 are all available for around £140-£150 so price wise there’s nothing in it (until you get to the 245 which either £10 BC membership I can get for £209 from CRC).

  • Interesting – maybe glonas isn’t a positive to worry about having then. I think the 45 is currently in the lead unless a 245 goes on sale on Friday to a level sufficiently cheaply to stretch for.

  • Imagine it might be a tiny bit more stable on rough stuff with the extra reach but has shorter chainstays so should stay more whippy around tight corners. Tiny bit more efficient seat angle perhaps.

    You might notice all of the above but you might not as it’s all quite subtle changes.

  • Interesting spread of views, thanks. Since my post I’ve also found a few reviews of the 45 vs 245 and the 245 sounds brilliant – but over budget unless something comes up in the Black Friday deal.

    I’m bad for reading about awesome functionality and getting something more expensive but then using absolutely zero of the extra fea…[Read more]

  • Sorry for another Garmin thread but this one seems different to the others going.

    I’m looking for a new Garmin for my birthday – I had an older forerunner which I replaced as you had to physically plug it into the computer to upload to Strava (via Connect) and it took ages to find a satellite when you switched it on.

    Replaced it with a Lezyne M…[Read more]

  • I’d keep the joystick for the helmet and get another cheapish bar light. You want the bar light to be floody and the helmet light to be focused.

    Anything 1500 lumens and up should do the job on the bars. Bikehut 1600 lumen light is only about £50 still I think. Also an all in one light and from a U.K. retailer rather than an eBay special (a…[Read more]

  • DT Swiss e1900’s are a solid reliable wheelset but they’re not as good as a Hope Pro4/xm481 build. I replaced my e1900’s with that Hope / DT rim combo.

  • Hope rims are heavy which is probably most of the weight difference – especially the Fortus wide ones.

    I’d go custom with either Hope Pro4 or D T Swiss 350 hubs and DT Swiss rims. If you’re heavy on rims (and want a 30mm inner width) then ex511. If your less brutal on them then XM481’s (which are still strong, just not as much as the EX rims)…[Read more]

  • Superstar Nano Evo is good – got a pair of those on my full suss. Unless those are in a sale (and thinking of budget) then Carbon Cycles Exotic alloy pedals aren’t bad either.

    Looks like the Nano Evo is on offer – no brainer at that p…[Read more]

  • Could you try something a bit stronger than a hairdryer to shape it – go carefully – but maybe use a hot air paint stripper type of thing?

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