• Ordered the OnGuard Brute – it’s going to live in a dry and not at all damp garage. The advert I bought it from mentioned lubricating it frequently so I’m guessing the lock is where the money has been saved on the spec of the lock.

    At work I’ve got a few years old Krytonite New York lock and that can get damp but it’s been relentlessly reliabl…[Read more]

  • Yeah but it’s annoying having to fit loads of chains every time you want to take your bike out….planning to just have 2 locks per bike / set of bikes in the garage. 1 chain and 1 D-lock.

  • Good call, I’d never heard of that make – going to order the Brute – I don’t see someone picking the lock on it whilst the alarm is going off in my garage.

    Plus not even hydraulic cutters are going through that – and another review suggested it took over a minute to get through it even with a grinder – and even then I’m not sure if you will…[Read more]

  • I’d consider Katy Curd at FOD too. Plenty of technical rooty / droppy terrain there and some jumps. Also lots of steep tech.

    Think it’s about £100 ish for 3 hours 1 to 1 training – so you could get him a few of those sessions. 3 hours 1 to 1 takes quite a lot of concentration so helps to split them up and practice in between rather than 2 days…[Read more]

  • As the above I’m trying to find one – preferably not Oxford as everything I read suggests they’re pap (I have their Chain 10 just to tick the box for insurance but it’s not a quality item).

    Ideally I’d get the longer shackle kryptonite New York Kock but it’s too expensive. Not massively worried about weight as I’m planning to use it on the gara…[Read more]

  • Revelation always above the Sektor –
    Especially if it’s only £80 more. The Pike is again worth £100 more than a Tev RC, but if you don’t have the cash now you can always stick in a charger damper at a later date to make it effectively a Pike.

    Rev charger rc has a better damper than the rc – although it’s not a full charger damper like the Pike.

  • Can’t help myself also doing something to bikes. Bought a cheapie hybrid for kid seat duties (Carrera Subway 1 – secondhand for £82) and its now wearing Xt / Slx / Deore 2×10 setup with hydraulic discs (bargain Sram levels) and it’ll shortly be getting a 35mm / 780mm spare riser bar I have and spare Raceface Turbine R stem. Also spds. Oops!

  • joebristol replied to the topic Sram/Shimano cassette in the forum Bike Forum 1 day ago

    Ok, so to make it simple:

    Keeping your current freehub standard and wanting a big ish range – the sram options are heavy (NX) so I’d avoid those. Shimano do an 11-46 which gives you bigger range – I think these are lighter than the sram equivalent but still a little portly. I’d have a look at Sunrace to see what 11 speed options they hav…[Read more]

  • joebristol replied to the topic Nukeproof Mega in the forum Bike Forum 1 day ago

    I’ve ridden the Airdrop V2 that had a Yari front and a coil in the back (test ride for a few hours). I then rode a Bird Aeris 145 the next day and preferred it so bought one of those. Just sold it to go down to something shorter travel – the new Bird Aether. I’d say the Aeris is a bit poppier than the Airdrop and it’s also longer. The 145 is curre…[Read more]

  • joebristol replied to the topic Spokes snapping in the forum Bike Forum 2 days ago

    Funnily enough I had spokes snapping on my hunt rear wheel – although I’ll caveat that by saying I wrote off a rim on a pot hole and it was rebuilt onto a replacement rim using the original spokes by my lbs. So there are mitigating circumstances.

    I’ve rebuilt the wheel with ACI double butted spokes / brass nipples and so far so good.

    2 weeks on…[Read more]

  • Nice work – sometimes just things that seem minor can make a huge change and don’t even cost much (like suspension tokens)!

    I sold that Bird above and got the new trail version with shorter travel so I’ll probably be playing with tokens / pressures / damping soon….

  • joebristol replied to the topic indexing xtr 12 speed in the forum Bike Forum 2 days ago

    Bent hanger or mech is your first port of call I reckon

  • Hope V4 should have the power hopefully, assuming the E4is too weedy. I’d still pick up some Magura MT5’s I think.

    To caveat this I’m running 3 sets of sram hydraulic brakes and have run 3 or 5 other pairs with no issues. Had guide R’s / guide RS / currently got Guide RE / Code R / Level T and no problems with any of them.

    Also got shimano…[Read more]

  • If you’ve had bad luck with sram (sounds like you have) I wouldn’t rush to buy Shimano brakes right now. So many magazine reviews are highlighting variable bite point on the XT ones at the moment and it’s well documented on forums about the bite point and ropey seals that micro leak on callipers.

    I’d be looking at Magura 4 pots with the nicer 1…[Read more]

  • I’d class DT Swiss rims as better than WTB personally. But I think of wtb as cheap because I got sti25’s for £12 each and sti23’s for £10 each in sales last year / the year before. Maybe that was just a freak year where got CRC and Planet X had overstocked / wanted to shift them on.

    If the DT’s are a good price then just go with those….…[Read more]

  • Squorx are fine for a first build I’d say – it was only my 3rd set that I used them for – on Hope Pro4 hubs. The DT spoke driver is really easy to use and actually makes getting the nipples in the rim easier (just don’t drop the PHR washers).

    I’ve build with wtb i23 and i25 rims which have eyelets so no washers and the cheaper aci spokes / nippl…[Read more]

  • @johnw1984

    I think my XM481’s from Starbike came with both squorx nipples and phr washers. Either that or the washers came from Rose bikes when I ordered the dt competition spokes.

    The squorx nipples are alloy that came with it but so say have some kind of solution inside to keep spokes tight / stop them seizing. I used a light chainlube on e…[Read more]

  • Aci double butted spokes are fine – the ones from Cyclebasket come with silver coloured brass nipples. There is a £6 courier charge with those on top.

    Think I got my last DT spokes from Rose and they were also ok but more expensive than ACI.

    Starbike are normally cheap for DT rims – the XM421’s are all mountain rims and you need to build them wi…[Read more]

  • Flaremax sounds good – plus the new version of the Trance. Is it worth looking at the Sonder Cortex as well – I think that’s a 29er trail sort of bike without being really long or slack. Also should get a good value spec from them I’d think.

  • You’d probably be better off going Xd driver and gx 11 speed cassette. Lighter than the XT equivalent despite being steel and harder wearing. Although 10-42 is the biggest range if that’s an issue. I run one on both bikes – fs with a 30t chainring and hardtail with a 32t one.

    If you want more range I’d have a look at Sunrace.

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