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    He was after your phone. End of.

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    Don’t shoot the messenger.

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    Riding alongside a barn owl on a night ride was good. Early morning rides are great for birding though, little owls, Jays aplenty this year, buzzards, red kites and woodpeckers have been some highlights. But being brushed by a sparrowhawk was probably a once in a lifetime experience.

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    Signed up for Tour of the Peak, so that will concentrate the mind ’til May. Then Bealach na ba and hopefully the lift assisted Red at Nevis Range (on different bikes obvs) around taking in Fort Bill WC. I’m all smart turboed-up, and attempting to keep it a secret from club mates so I can unsuspectingly rip their legs off in the Peak.
    Happy Biking…[Read more]

  • You shouldn’t feel bad. We all need to look after ourselves and enjoy what you have been looking forward to, if we don’t, supporting others will eventually grind you down. I can’t imagine what work some people take home in their minds, I just worry if I’ve locked vehicles and a container. The fact you feel bad just shows you’re a decent person.

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    Vans, unless dual purpose, have lower speed limits and with the proliferation of average speed ANPR cameras I’d be going with the car and rack. If it’s your only vehicle I’d also be concerned about low emission zones which affect commercial vehicles more.

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    Let’s get back to the MBR calanders of yore I say. They were inspirational!

  • Hard to judge road conditions alternating between grippyish white frost, damp but grippy, and shit! that’s black ice. 28mm GP4000s at 60psi approx and a relaxed attitude kept me upright. Then it started raining after my café stop, an unwelcome 1°C early shower. Still glad I braved it though.

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    It’s a shame they’ve gone, I was wanting an EU passport. Especially now having watched people on breakfast news saying they’ll vote Boris when they are really the ones who shouldn’t.

  • Pleased the wheels are on their way.
    Went for a weekend camping in the peak district with the bikes locked to the roof racks and the keys still at home.
    My favourite bit of karma was a typical reps car with briefcase and folders on the roof, I drove alongside at the red traffic lights and pipped the horn to let him know. He flicked the Vs and…[Read more]

  • Wait ’til it’s dark
    Anonymously report suspicious activity
    Don a hoody
    Carry telly down the road
    Wait for the cops to accost you
    They’ll put it in evidence
    It’s their problem now
    Ask to see their policy on recycling unclaimed property
    Have a new cause to champion.

  • Tour of the peak sportive to keep grim winter weather motivation. And to see what a few years and knee op have done to my performance since the last time.
    Fort Bill World Cup (spectating obvs), but will try and attempt the red xc from the top. And ride Bealach na Ba while I’m up there.

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    Blutac, ladder, push in hole. They’ll soon fix it.

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    Speed and cadence sensors on the bike and a Bluetooth dongle ideally with extension lead to a laptop. The power will be estimated but you’ll be able to make your avatar move. You don’t need a garmin or similar as your metrics will be on zwift. I trialled it this way with a small financial outlay and a free trial of Zwift to see if I wanted to…[Read more]

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    Always take pint glasses with us when going away. Generally drink beer rather than lager so half a degree’s difference in temperature isn’t noticeable and doesn’t last long enough to be warmed by the glass anyway.

  • Move… To the 21st Century.

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    FWIW now, I’m very happy with my Kinesis Fend-offs. I think the squarer profile looks great and the anodising matches my frame. The only thing I’d change would be the stays to black (for the full stealth effect), how much to powdercoat 4 thin bits of stainless?

  • Always worn a Husky forester’s, well balanced and comfy. Never washed the brow band though, I think it’s in balance with my skin bacteria, I have sensitive skin too.

  • I mended this forum by turning it off and back on again, at least my end. Pics not needed methinks.