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    At uni I had a friend who insisited on keeping the menu at restuarants, and took a pen notepad and calculator with her so she could keep track of who ordered what. I took great delight in ordering something and then asking to change it, and generally trying to confuse her system, as it never worked (she was poor at using a calculator it seems) and…[Read more]

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    Is it worth offering the rentcharge owner a few hundred quid to sort it? Even though they’re in hospital that may expedite matters.

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    I was about 11 or so and found an unmarked cassette tape on the side of the road. Being a broke teen I stopped and picked it up, thinking I could reuse it, but before I did I listened to it. It was a bit garbled and damaged in places, but oh my – loads of really good music, obviously different bands, and pretty much nothing i recognised. One one…[Read more]

  • Not a place but a type – we always go for the ones that fit over the collar rather than dangle (and get caught as they run through a bush or whatever). Think our last couple came from amazon.

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    MontJuic is worth a visit and a wander – get there early for the fountain show (free) and then walk over to La Tasqueta de Blai (or take a taxi – its quite a way) for some excellent pintxos (like tapas, but with loads of dishes on the bar to help yourself to – colour coded cocktail sticks for price and you just sttle up at the end).

    Dont be put…[Read more]

  • First of all it all sounds a bit rubbish at the moment, and you have my sympathies.

    My thoughts – for what they are worth – is that loads of research shows that having young kids reduces happiness and satisfaction, and the ages between about 30 and 45 are the least happy. Could be that some of your feelings are just this, and perhaps there is…[Read more]

  • watch out with this size of vehicle – the make/model displayed by hire cos is only a for-instance – some hire co’s don’t really distinguish between a 7 seat Vito sized vehicle which will comfortably carry seven adults and a zafira that will carry 5 adults and luggage or two adults and 5 small kids. (Deploying the third row of seats means m…

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  • Police already have the powers to move people on from unauthorised encampments. The issue with travellers is that to use these powers, there needs to be somewhere to move them on to – an official campsite. Most local authorities dont have such a site (and most communities fight when one is proposed near them) so the police are unable to use these…[Read more]

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    I’ve gone with LG for my last few around the house. Don’t worry about extra bells and whistles – my experience of the smart features is that they are often not as good as separate devices (Amazon fire stick etc), although there is the convenience of a single remote control.

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    They are not very good for keeping your extremities warm – my Andes are still Chile

  • Never yet worked with someone who objected (subject to a sensible venue and food choices, but that would go for most folk to be honest). Remeber Jesus was in the Quran too, it’s just that in the Muslim faith they dont give him as much credit as in the Christian!

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    I always drive from Lincolnshire to Leeds – parking is easy and not too expensive. CHeck out the Village hotels (think there are 2 in Leeds, a bit on hte outskirts, but often have cheap deals).

  • Or – (slightly edited to remove a duff paragraph)…

    what would singletrack do?

    This is the second year we have asked the same question, and this year we are answering it. The goal was to come up with a good example of what singletrack can do. Our first answer, a trail off the coast of Maine, was a lot less ambitious.

    The goal in 2016 is to…[Read more]

  • what would singletrack do? It’d do a lot to show how different the two types of bikes can be, not only in the performance they provide, but how they are very different in terms of what they look like and how they are built.

    What about the differences in handling? Are they the same? The answer is yes, but the difference is not as big as you might…[Read more]

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    No pirates you say – but what about Primates of the Caribbean?

  • I once had one that started in the HQ of the organisation, and was then interrupted by a fire alarm. The lead manager carried on the interview as we filed out down the stairs, into the carpark and in the back of his car as he drove across town to another office, where we finished up.

    I got the job – must have been something about being able to…[Read more]

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    If you are looking for something even cheaper from Ikea, I have had a Milberget (£60) for a year now and love it.

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    I once took a friend on his first night ride near me. Part of teh ride is down an old railway line which is pretty overgrown and spooky, but then it turns up a track through the woods.Muddy and a bit tough going in parts, so not easy to ride fast. I didn’t warn him about the pheasant pens on one side of the trail (loads of fenced in cage areas…[Read more]