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    Just been over to the homepage of the Sun.

    I removed all of the red tops, Daily Mail, etc. from my news feeds this morning. Fed up with it, don’t know why I didn’t do it years ago.

    @slimboyjim you asked people to wait on facts, but did the exact opposite in the preceding paragraphs?

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    People will have lots of reasons. For me, it’s all a bit too close to home for comfort.

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    All the accounts for those profiles go to his work phone. Then he has a separate personal phone and entirely separate social media accounts using his nickname and it’s only friends that use that. That is the phone he looks at over coffee in the morning. He is pretty grounded with a brain and a great family which I guess helps him to keep it a…

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    Then when it goes slightly wonky the knives come out , and the backlash is expotential , a public person is available online for direct , pretty much unmoderated, comments which ,as we like to say on here – What has been read cannot be unread

    This is the difference now. Reality TV and celeb culture have been around a while, I remember all t…[Read more]

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    IME a factory reset every year or so (when they do a major Android update) does wonders and keeps Android running smoothly. A good opportunity to review all the apps you’ve installed over the year too. Just set up as a new phone rather than restore the full backup, then as you go to use an app and realise it’s not there, install it.

    Lots of…[Read more]

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    Impulse-purchased some Jaybird Freedoms on holiday ages ago, which eventually died. I’d had my money’s worth, but Jaybird gave me 50% off the current Tarah Pros. Amazing battery life (all day), tough and waterproof, sound good, have a really useful app for the phone with personalised EQ, and I like the ‘wire round the back’ style you can wear…[Read more]

  • Difficult if you can’t switch easily between 320kps and hi-res.

    I definitely can hear the difference when comparing standard streamed stuff with hi-res with an external DAC/headphone amp driving my AKG headphones. That’s not on my phone though.

  • Check you are using either aptX HD or LDAC for Bluetooth. Should be in the settings on the phone. You might find this is actually better quality than wired (depends on the quality of the DAC and headphone amp in the S9).

    320kps compared to 24/192 should be noticeable IMO.

    Update…just googled the S9. Wired should be decent.

    ‘Samsung continues…[Read more]

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    The Kindle version of issue 128 was missed by me. Apologies for that. I’m working on issue 129’s downloads and digital versions today so I’ll make sure I go back and add the Kindle version of 128 for you too.

    Great, thanks.

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    Thanks for the update Mark. Any info on the Kindle download not being available? Something I appreciate having, but last month’s didn’t get posted?

  • Jamze replied to the topic ST Mag on diet? in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    maybe time to go digital only

    But noticed last month they never posted the Kindle edition. Just a placeholder that says ‘Sorry! Download is not available yet.’

    Hoping that’s not been stopped, ‘cos with my bad eyesight and dim lights in the house the Kindle is how I read it. I skim through the mag and look at the pics only.

  • Don’t have to get off on the quality of the equipment.

    My comment was actually more about the ‘quality’ of what you’re listening to, rather than equipment. But yeah, just spend money on whatever makes you happy.

    Same here, good music is good music wherever you hear it. But I’d still prefer to listen on my headphones sometimes rather than the v…[Read more]

  • You’re not.. but that’s what they want you to think.

    Does depend on your starting point IMO. Listening to MP3s? You can do better (if you want to). CDs? Prob good enough already, but no harm in having a listen if interested.

  • I need to sit down and think about this!

    From the description on Amazon, you have a choice of either streaming music from your device to the Echo Link using Bluetooth, or the Link can stream direct over WiFi from supported music services.

  • Agreed. The jump from 320kbps (what Amazon call SD) to 16/44 (what Amazon call HD) is very noticeable to me.

    24/192 (Amazon’s Ultra HD, i.e. hi-res) is where you sit there with your headphones, maybe convincing yourself there’s a difference after a few whiskys.

    I’ve just looked, most of the Amazon Music HD catalogue is 16/44 anyway, with a bit…[Read more]

  • Ignoring the ‘can you hear a difference’ stuff (although they have a point).

    I went around this exact thought process when Amazon launched HD music. My conclusion was there is no way currently to get the hires music to anything external to the Amazon ecosystem (and it’s nonsense to think a smart speaker, even a ‘Studio’ one, is worth spending…[Read more]

  • Nobody seems to use LRs of any hue.

    Brother in law is a farmer, he always has Land Rovers. Currently has a Disco 3 (workhorse) and a Disco 4 (posh one). We compare breakdown stories and bills every Christmas. Farm in the village is all Defenders/Discos too.

    BIL got a Touareg for a while as their ‘smart’ car, wasn’t the same he said, swapped it…[Read more]

  • For me, it was a real ‘wow’ moment when I put them on.

    No. Not at all for me.

    My original optician seemed very experienced, he had a number of customers with the same issue as me. Basically my left eye is so weak the brain was starting to ignore its input, so I was losing my binocular vision. My first pair of progressives were spot on. I was…[Read more]

  • People vary. I’m the same, have 6 different prescriptions with both eyes different in my progressives and I got used to them fairly quickly. You have to train yourself. For me, it was a real ‘wow’ moment when I put them on.

    Do go back for adjustments though, I’ve had many different lenses made up to get to these. More the position of the…[Read more]

  • I have heard though that on BMW if you press
    the lock button multiple times it turns off the tilt sensor for ferries etc

    This is the case for most cars. Hit the lock button a second time and the motion/tilt sensors and deadlocks are disabled. VAG cars seem to have a little button inside too.

    From the number of dogs I see in the boot with the…[Read more]

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