• I’m really tempted by one as a replacement for my Airdrop when that finally bites the dust. Toss up between that, a Rocket/RocketMax and possibly a Mega at the moment but from what I’ve seen it looks along the right lines.

  • When ours were little we had a WeeRide which was great as it gave them a bit more support and they’re strapped in. They are big and bulky though.

    Both have since progressed to a Kids Ride Shotgun seat which is bloody great, looked at both this and the MacRide and didn’t think it was worth double be the money. Super easy to fit and way more com…[Read more]

  • Gloworm X2 light – 1500 Lumen – Dual LED Bloody great light, only selling as I’m buying a newer version of the same light. 3 customisable output levels plus commuter…