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    Reading this thread as a reference at 5 months old. There’s potential for confusion in here:

    “I think the standard guides have one shape of pad, the new codes another – but the guide re has previous generation code pads. The caliper definitely looks different for old Code va new code but not sure if they changed the pads too”
    “So are new and o…[Read more]

  • As above, SRAM NX/1130 11spd 11-42tooth HG cassette, is it possible to upgrade to 50tooth sprocket with the likes of a one up shark type kit? I’ve only come across mentions of doing so with Shimano cassettes?

  • As above, sram gx 11spd mech has a published maximum capability of 42 teeth sprocket

    Is it possible to make it cope with a 50tooth sprocket?
    Along the lines of a longer b screw and/or different lower cage etc?

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    Also interested after specialized have decided to drop their vibram/chunky sole options for the UK. Bring back the rime! It still exists in the US?