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  • An area the size of Wales usually used in disaster measurements. Always liked the concept of acre feet (hectare metres metric equivalent?)never used either
    Have used a real actual chain for survey work it was a metric one I’m not that old

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    They might be double hard bastards but they can’t swim… Went to use downstairs loo in shared house, squirrel head down in the pan dead as a dead thing guessing it had put head in for a drink and couldn’t get out🤮what a way to go

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    And so it begins… good luck everyone 🦄🦄

  • Tower scaffold that we get on site all have adjustable locking wheel height may be enough to sort will tower need to be moved or a one off static set up? All operators need to have training for obvious reasons! Make sure outriggers are supplied and actually used!!take care stay safe

  • I’ve been pricing new flat roof for detached single garage in Epdm with all facias and new timber looking at £1000 diy and as agreed with boss savings under budget are mine🤗

  • If floor levels in adjacent rooms will work id go for the rockape option drill some test holes to see how thick underfloor conc is dig out to suit then dpm min 50mm insulation, screed over up to reqd level poss latex self levelling to sort last few mm . quick calcs 16m2 x .1 thick 1.6m3 getting on for 3tonne to shift out ( and back in again)…[Read more]

  • is the main house solid or suspended floor ?
    If the extension sub-floor does have a good dpc under it( dont know how you can check without destroying its integrity) place new dpc over concrete then could you level up with insulation to give 150mm – . 100? conc over to match levels
    are there any air bricks in the original wall under extension? if…[Read more]

  • More or less just me today though have mrs G our 3daughters 2grandaughters plus step GDtr just been on phone to my female cousin and her 3 daughters her brother has 4 girls 1 son my mum was one of 3 girls 2 cats both females I have my uses to catch and get rid of moths daddy long legs and butterflies oh and to keep them in the luxury they all…[Read more]

  • 2girls at home 18and24 both would be gutted if no stockings from Santa in the morning will see granddaughters xmas pm so it goes on😀😀hope your xmas’go ok

  • Redmex your not on your own mate all8 full fingers went yesterday had just driven to see grandkids not even outside I find mittens good and have space for hand warmer too found Pertex type a bit sweaty also if hands get wet or damp it comes on quicker a sink of hot water helps but can be a bit painful and hard to find or carry me mrs and 3 girls…[Read more]

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    Ray ban has it whilst being a bit of a wimp in any confrontation I really wanted plaid guy to swing in a lefty to put froggy on his arse and rayner could have gone for a double elbow to Tory boy and froggy what a shower of shyte were all doomed captain