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    I did something like this last year.

    I built up a 26″ Cotic BFe and fitted some very short and rigid forks to quicken the steering. I dropped the saddle and fitted a rear freewheel with lot’s of engagement and a single speed.

    I love riding it!

    I take it down the local skatepark (when the kids on scooters aren’t there) and generally just ride…[Read more]

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    I’ll happily stand up for Superstar Components.

    I have a set of Superstar Components road wheels. They pair weigh less than 1500 grams (I weighed them) and cost less than £250. The Pacenti 23 rims failed after three years of riding so I contacted Superstar. They offered to rebuild them onto new rims for free if I bought the rims. I paid £80 for t…[Read more]

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    I’ve encountered triple glazing on all my holidays in Sweden and Finland.

    We’ve had proper cold (-35 Celsius) and very windy yet have been warm and toasty inside. It’s a real step-up from the double glazing at home. I was very impressed.

  • I know that this is a Driver-bashing opportunity that most will enjoy, however…

    I see a lot of cyclists people on bikes ridding like this at junctions

    as if they are hedging their bets to there not being any traffic there, so they can shoot out into the road without them having to use that horrible joy killer called the brakes

  • I recently fitted some cyclo-cross brake levers on a friends bike – she has small hands and struggles to use the STI’s when riding on the Hoods.

    She reports much improved confidence when riding :o)

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    DOT fluids have a really nasty drying effect on skin which Mineral oils don’t have. I use that as a test; not good for your skin but you only need to put a little bit on to feel the difference.

  • wish i could go through a kissing gate like that

    This ^ is what I took from that video!

    Anything else is just Danny selling Danny #everyonesgottamakealiving

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    It should be shut down because it has been established purely to indoctrinate children with religion whilst pretending to educate them. Any religious biased school should be shut down for the same reason.

    The fact that this particular school is poorly run and not doing other stuff ‘by the book’ matters not one jot.