• I’ve the Sanef one for when I go through France for work – really handy in a RHD car, and means I get one invoice at the end of the month for expenses, rather than having to process a bundle of extra receipts.

  • never backed anything up!! 😬

    Spotify downloads? Install Spotify and download again – Ah yep, makes sense
    Photo’s? Are you putting them on Google Photos? – nope, but i guess that should be a prob
    Contacts? Are they actually on your phone or with Google? – er, no idea!

    I’m not very good at this tech stuff 😅

  • Get a new phone arriving tomorrow, and need to transfer over my files etc – contacts, photos, spotify downloads (?!) etc.
    Did some googling, and MobileTrans and Syncios seem to pop up, with one-click data transfers.
    Is this the best way? bear in mind I literally have no clue, and want the simplest system possible, that’ll take the least time and…[Read more]

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  • hungry monkey replied to the topic Brexit 2020+ in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Turns out my van insurers won’t now let me drive to europe on work business. they’ve decided that they require green cards to take vehicles to the EU now (their decision, internet is ambiguous as to how this applies pre/post transition period, but they’ve put their mark in the sand on this issue), however, they don’t insure vehicles using a green…[Read more]

  • do you go on car forums and ask why £2 million cars exist?

  • FWIW, i just checked, and my ‘pre-oiled’ oak worktop from Worktops Express only has the pre-oiling done, rather than it being fully oiled and ready to go…

    might seem obvious to many, but to those of us who’ve never bought a kitchen, it came as a surprise, and 2 weeks after fitting and use, it’s just had its first coating of proper oil.


  • hungry monkey replied to the topic Car stuff on YouTube in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    thanks all – will check them out!

  • hungry monkey started the topic Car stuff on YouTube in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Following TGT/TG threads on here, a few mentioned decent car shows on YouTube – can you suggest some?

    Like everyone I watch all the Project Binky stuff, and really like Donut Media’s bits and pieces too. I also follow Carfection, Smith and Sniff, and Fully Charged Show. However, I’ve never got into Mighty Car Mods, for some reason.

  • MY builder just fitted a kitchen last week – following recommendations on here I went with DIY-Kichens and Worktops Express – and used a local supplier for appliances. oh, i got handles from ikea too.

    For the money, the builder was impressed with the kitchen units – materials are decent, back panels aren’t the cheapest crap going, and full Blum…[Read more]

  • I’ve had a few, most have been great, with their own little quirks (one decided to pressure wash my rear patio, threading a leaking hose through my house… and also decided to trim my neighbours hedge as it was scratching his car, without asking them…).

    My last one was quiet, no bother, but she didn’t understand the concept of a toilet brush,…[Read more]

  • hungry monkey replied to the topic Climbing Shoes? in the forum Chat Forum 2 months ago

    Absolute most important thing to get right it fit, far more so with climbing shoes than most other sports imo.

    Best thing to do if you’re a novice is go to a shop with a very wide range of options and ask them to assist. Get the wrong pair and you’ll either out climb them, out grow them, or find them super uncomfortable in no time. I tried on…[Read more]

  • My best ever achievement on Strava was on a descent off Ventoux – 6th fastest at the time, out of about 6000-odd. Currently, I’m sat at 78th from 41,643 over 14.7km. Needless to say, it was a rather fast descent 😅

  • After three years of planning and delays (thanks to planning, builders, neighbourhood politics, brexit (yes, really), ineffective engineers and a host of other things completely out of my control), the builders started work adjusting internally and extending externally my house yesterday 🙂

  • thanks chickenman – good to get some experience!

    what would you do?? I’m set on the aesthetic of wood in all honesty.

    The sink will be in a 2m section of worktop at the end of the kitchen. The rest will be a (roughly) 4m section, and then a 1.7×0.9m bit poking out in to the room. – kinda a v wide ‘U’ shape if that makes sense.

    would it be…[Read more]

  • Just get veneer and you’ll never think about it again.

    still need a sand and oil periodically, apparently 🙁

    Man-made is fine, but involves industrial processes, solid timber, which is cropped in sustainable forests, just needs seasoning and sawing into suitable planks.

    kinda my thoughts too tbh!

    god, it’s all very confusing! add in r…[Read more]

  • I put Ikea solid beech worktops in 20 years ago an now you can see why they were cheap. Shinkage opening up gaps, splits and cracks. I wouldn’t use them again

    that’s why i’m looking at the thick veneer ones – apparently less prone to those issues.

  • Main advantage is if you intend to keep a kitchen for many years, you can sand them down and re-oil etc and get back to brand new finish.

    yeah, my worry with the veneer one is that if it gets a bit buggered, how salvageable is it – tho, on reading, you can sand and oil them, as the veneer is fairly thick

  • thanks for your input, i think?!

    i’m fairly sure both solid, and ikea’s thick veneer can be recycled.

  • anyone experience of ikea’s thick veneer worktops? had a look yesterday and was fairly impressed. if they are more ‘stable’ as they claim, in terms of warping, drying, cracking, they sound like a good option. also, Ikea have eco/recycled wood claims for these worktops, that appeal.

    Or, is a ‘real’ solid wood worktop a better option? would be a…[Read more]

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