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    +1 for Hebrides tour as per TJ; probably our best tour to date from among quite a few.
    7 ferry crossings for two folk was under £100 on a tour ticket sold by Caledonian MacBrayne.
    Oban is probably the best start-finish point, as it is accessible by train.
    Great beaches, seafood and history; stunning views and a proper ‘journey’.
    Look up Vatersay…[Read more]

  • Possibly the best value for money at that sort of price point is a Fabia; you’ll get a lot more car for your £4.5k. For the outdoors user, it is also available as an estate that has room for two large bikes once the seats are down.
    Best engine is probably the 1.2 petrol TSi, plenty poke and the car handles nicely too.
    Very reliable, provided you…[Read more]

  • I use the Manta, as does my Mrs; superb light but a fair bit brighter on full whack than it needs to be, so cam therefore recommend the Gamma highly. Neither of our Mantas has had any problems at all. Tail light is a great idea and the weight of thing isn’t an issue for us. I tend to wear a buff on my head for winter running, which makes the…[Read more]

  • Cairngorm is a bit of a swear word in some communities at present and like all the other Scottish ski centres, it’s a fascinating question as to when they might be open. I’d plan to pack the kit anyway, as you never know. Good pal Helen has already skied twice this month on the Gorm, walking up to find what little is already there..
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  • Riding tactics:
    Ride slow & steady, it’s not a race; eat often and you’ll keep going all day, no matter that the days include more climbing than you’re normally accustomed to.
    Get up and out early, giving time for coffee & cake along the way or at the end of each day.
    Recover well and check the bike as soon as you get to the digs, so it and you…[Read more]