• That would be Finnegan’s Wake. They are more likely to be playing Irish football, but worth asking. For English rugby try one of the yah frequented bars in the new town you might have more luck.

  • On a technical point: EU regs are direct law in member states. Directives are transposed into member state law, and there are derogations in both, which are choices for member states. The role of the European commission is to assess compliance. Lecture over, but my point is that divergence from any of this will be done via legislation, lead by the…[Read more]

  • I may be underthinking this but:

    – UK leaves the EU, however that happens, all EU Regs will cease to be law and so will be brought into UK law overnight as a oner – you can’t redraw 30 years of legislation instantly. This happens either on 1 November 2019 or 31 December 2020.
    – the government of the day then sets to work putting in new…[Read more]