• Thanks for the responses everyone,

    stof41, that’d be amazing, I’d much rather have someone who knows what they’re doing in tow as this is very much not my area of expertise.

    Of course I’d happily pay you for your time and trouble.

    We’re in St Albans, if you or someone you can reccomend is in the area that’d be brilliant.


  • Afternoon All

    Back in 2014 we had a Texecom Ricochet alarm system installed, cost a fair bit but it came highly recommended. We entered into a service contract, expecting to pay £170ish a year. Fine, sounded fair enough.

    However, we seem to be getting regular battery faults in the sensors, which immediately prevent us from setting the alarm,…[Read more]

  • hatter replied to the topic GOOD sram gxp bbs? in the forum Bike Forum 4 days ago

    My Wheels Mfg one was 4 years old and still going strong when I sold the bike it was in.

    No complaints.

  • hatter replied to the topic Another 'What Wheels" Thread! in the forum Bike Forum 4 days ago

    I’d just go with DT 1900’s, cheaper than the Hunts and the Hopes and lighter than either or then too.

    Bikeradar just put out a load of wheel reviews and rated the DT’s above either of them.

  • Sidi mega wides may push the budget but they certainly tick the wide and stiff boxes.

    Last for ages too.

  • Not ridden one but my mate has and it apparently descends like a bat out of hell. Quiet too, no creaks or squeaks.

    +1 for buying an Ebike locally, you really don’t want to have to post one of those beasties.

  • hatter replied to the topic New Rock Albums ….. in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Baroness : Gold & Grey

    Another band that used to to be metal but have morphed into a damn fine rock outfit over time.

    Clutch: Book of Bad Decisions, not my favourite album of theirs TBH, but it’s still a newish Clutch album and therefore well worth checking out.

  • hatter replied to the topic Carbon wheels for a fatty? in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    All the DT gravel and Cross wheels have a 130 KG weight limit so you’ll be fine on them, even with bikepacking kit.

  • hatter replied to the topic Llandegla with little’uns? in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    Rode the blue with my 7 year old in he spring, he loved it, the first climb is long but it’s steady and he could spin his way up in due course.

    I expect he’ll progress to more techy stuff sooner or later but for that age bracket it’s pretty bob on.

  • hatter replied to the topic Gravel Wheelset in the forum Bike Forum 2 weeks ago

    The R460 is only 18 mm internal so a bit narrow fr gravel, the R 500 (22mm) and G 540 (24 mm) would be better bets but same construction and similar price.

  • hatter replied to the topic Would you buy a Huawei phone? in the forum Chat Forum 2 weeks ago

    Was on the hunt for a new phone earlier this year and during this period met up with a mate who works in intelligence in the Cabinet office.

    As soon as I mentioned phones their only advice was ‘DO NOT BUY A HUAWEI’ the stuff they’ve found in there is bone chilling.

    Samsung for me then.

  • +1 for Finishline, it’s good stuff, been using it for years, works, saeems to be fairtly gentle on stuff you put it on.

  • Easiest way to remove the end caps is with a soft jaw vice or a Unior hub Genie.

    What year wheels are they, what spacing and size axle are they for and do they have a Centre Lock or 6-bolt brake mount?

    Let me know that and I can work out what bearings you need.

  • hatter replied to the topic Thule Pack N Pedal Tour Rack in the forum Bike Forum 3 weeks ago

    Yup, bit of a faff to fit the first time, but once they’ve been set up once it’s much simpler taking them on and off and once they’re on they’re surprisingly solid.

    Commuted with one for a few years, never slipped, never rattled, didn’t rust, just quietly did it’s job, impressed.

  • hatter replied to the topic “SIR” Boris Johnson??? in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    Why? He’s just got to where Theresa May was in July 2018. Got a deal, now he has to sell it to parliament.