• the head angle can affect handling a lot. there is a great wee app on iPhone – measurement app – which has an angle measurement tool. great fun for assessing your head and seat tube angles with a new rigid fork ! i love messing about with interchanging sus and rigid forks

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    i recently bought a sony rx100 after several panasonic tz models. really delighted with it. it is the mark 1, they are still available new at good value, ie under £300

  • would anyone have an old 26″ tinbred frame (medium ) taking up space?  price dependant on condition. i need it for a rigid project  many thanks

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    i rate komoot highly, i used it to plan a gravel tour of slovenia and it was outstanding at accurately guiding along paths, singletrack and forest tracks . in romania it was a bit more hit and miss ( some of the routes were not really passable on a bike ). i found that playing about with it in your local area is good to understand its strengths…[Read more]

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    thanks everyone. the frame is a very old Tinbred. I bought three of these on eBay many years ago, for myself and two friends. the two large frames are still going strong, as reinvented gravel bikes! they can take a 700 x 38 tyre. the third frame was a medium and the rider was too big for it, so a combination of a tall seatpost, not enough…[Read more]

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    thanks for the help. This frame has been ‘fixed’ before, I guessed the reason was poor quality titanium, in which case rewelding would end up with the same result, but maybe the reason was poor welding ?
    epoxy and fibre seems to be robust in joining bamboo tubes and repairing carbon fibre frames, so i thought I could do a home DIY. the bike is…[Read more]

  • I have an old mtb frame that had a small crack at the seattube/top tube junction. It was welded but a hair line crack has reappeared. It’s a lovely frame now relegated to gravel/ touring duties. My question is- could I strengthen this area with an epoxy and fibre “bandage”. I don’t think it would take a lot, mainly a bit of reassurance. Would i…[Read more]

  • there’s a brilliant little area to the east of wanaka, on the shores of wanaka lake, great swoopy, rolly trails, labelled as black but more like uk reds

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    agree with the tempest , a brilliant frame. I use it on trail centre red trails, it fairly spices up the trails, very grin inducing!
    as per milfordvet I use an old xtr triple chainset 22 32 42 i think, with a 10 speed 11-34.
    it gets up any gradient fully bikepack loaded and still has a good top end gear. there doesn’t seem to be a real life…[Read more]

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    slovenia is fabulous for outdoor stuff. we ‘gravel biked’ for 8 days in the western part. roughly following the trip described in bikepaking.com

    the soca valley is stunning and the town of Bovec is crammed full of activity providers. white water kayaking/ rafting, mountain walking/climbing, via ferrata, etc etc.

    Soca Rocks, Bovec, is a…[Read more]

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    check out a few days of the wild atlantic way. fabulous scenery, warm seas to swim in, great pubs, cafes eating etc. slow wee roads so don’t take on big daily mileages!
    west cork and kerry are particularly good, as is connemara, donegal

  • a pal of mine joined us on a gravel bike pack holiday around slovenia. he used a specialized hybrid, absolutely fine, only change was an easier chainset. lots of options about for small money. That and better tyres. check your bike, its surprising what sort of tyre it may cope with

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    i have used it extensively in ireland, slovenia and romania to plan gravel based bike packing tours and i have found it to be excellent. the best was in slovenia where i planned a 10 day tour in the western part. the komoot app consistently steered us on to gravel paths and single track through forests and meadows. really happy with it!