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    If you fancy something different then don’t forget Middleburn cranks.

  • I have a Nikon F5 which is superb and also uses all my lenses of my digital Nikons which is a huge bonus. The metering is spot on which considering it was a very expensive pro camera speaks volumes for Nikon quality.
    I grew up on fully manual cameras so even now I’m not a machine gun user with my D4, D500, D810 or D3 digital bodies.

  • Watched it last night and loved it. I love the dark gritty psychological aspect of it and Phoenix portrayed the part brilliantly. It was painful to see how he suffered (the character) and I’m hoping there’s more to follow like this. I’m not a fan of the old Batman films, too tongue in cheek, I prefer realism and this had it in bucket loads. Superb film.