• A couple of folk mentioned collar size for shirts. Is it just me that thinks this is an utterly mental measurement (in isolation anyway)?

    Yes and no. I mean I normally have to get my shirts tailored to make them fit properly. That said the most important thing about a shirt is that the collar closes properly so collar size or any that daft.…[Read more]

  • Probably still time to edit that cougar…

  • I guess in the UK we still use Imperial where it would be prohibitively expensive to change for relatively little gain. Changing every roadsign in the country, for instance, would be a massive undertaking with little benefit. Most people still think in miles anyway, don’t they (is this still true of younger generations)?

    Well I’m mid 40s and t…[Read more]

  • Well you could pay an IFA, however it’s unlikely that there would be much value in doing so as there is unlikely to be a huge amount of money in your second pot.

    Leaving the military pension where it is is almost certainly the best thing you can do. After that I would look at which of the other two pensions (employer and St James Place) has the…[Read more]

  • gonefishin replied to the topic peripheral neuropathy? in the forum Chat Forum 3 weeks ago

    I’ve had similar symptoms for around a year now. On the plus side it probably won’t stop you riding any time soon. I’m still biking and generally miss behaving.

    Stop googling though, that way madness lies. Get to the doctor and take it from there. You’re unlikely to get a quick diagnosis though.

  • I don’t think it’s nucleation on the bubbles as the glass will provide ample sites for freezing to begin. I’d have thought it was pressure depressing the freezing point of the liquid.

    I feel an experiment coming on…

  • gonefishin replied to the topic Tattoos? in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Got mine when I was 40. I’d planned it for a while but a shoulder injury/operation kept getting in the way. I’m more than happy with it and no regrets at all. Still haven’t told my parents though so I have to wear long sleeves when they are around.

  • The only reason not to would be if your old one has any guaranteed benefits or if the fees are lower in your old pension. The last one is unlikely if you are currently with a large employer.

  • Not sure about a good deal as I think they are one of those “same price everywhere” products. Then again they are also excellent products so even if they are expensive they are still going to be good value.

    I agree with sl2000. If it is just a matter of height then I agree that a pole would be a better option but if it’s only for light do you…[Read more]

  • gonefishin replied to the topic B2L tax question in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    I must say that I don’t think handing a state subsidy to landlords is the best way to address housing issues.

  • gonefishin replied to the topic B2L tax question in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Gains are always taxed in the year they are realised no matter what is being sold. You can carry over losses but those rules are complicated and you need to actually realise a loss as well. Remember this only applies to houses that aren’t your normal home, although personally I think this is wrong and house price gain should be liable for CGT a…[Read more]

  • gonefishin replied to the topic B2L tax question in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    LOL. Yes you have an annual CGT allowance, it doesn’t roll over.

  • I use the HL one and it seems okay. Whichever one you choose though I’d suggest funds rather than shares. As an amateur you are much more likely to get a consistent return in the long run if you avoid individual company shares.

  • On the plus side it is a stunning part of the world, on the minus side it’s more German than Italian so the food and coffee wasn’t as good as I was expecting. That said Plenty of good places to learn but you probably do a little more walking around the villages as the lifts aren’t as well connected as some of the bigger resorts in other parts of…[Read more]

  • gonefishin replied to the topic Anyone XC Ski in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Changing the subject slightly. I fancy trying touring skis when I’m in the Alps. Presume I need to hire a complete set-up – boots, skis, skins? Are boots very different from alpine boots?

    It depends on the set up to be honest. You’ll almost certainly need skis and skins (not to mention avalanche kit) but you might not need boots. The set up…[Read more]

  • “We intend to step back as ‘senior’ members of the Royal Family and work to become financially independent, while continuing to fully support Her Majesty The Queen.”

    It’s not like he’s going to struggle to get a job

    Whilst I generally wish them well, I can see Megan being financially independent not so sure about Harry if is no longer a “royal”.

  • A few years ago I was in a similar position although ultimately things didn’t work out for us. I’d heed Cougars advice regarding long term plans as long distance is a pain.

    I hope things work out better for you than they did for me.

  • gonefishin replied to the topic Another Peleton ad in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    Any old excuse to slag off the company I suppose.

  • I have always loved the Dracula story, and vampire myths in general, but a good friend of mine who also happens to be a film critic, said of Bram Stoker’s writing that “he couldn’t even write a coherent shopping list”.

    I largely agree with your friend. It’s been many years since I read the book but I do remember thinking it was very poorly wr…[Read more]

  • I can honestly say that I never want to sit in a Golf R ever again. The suspension is harsh beyond belief (and I had a old 2.5 l Focus ST at the time) the turning circle is terrible and the boot was tiny although that wasn’t the estate. Honestly the 330i touring that I now have is way better than the old Focus and streets ahead of the Golf.…[Read more]

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