• I could be wrong (quite possibly as a mate who supplies air seasoned firewood told me this) but the majority of kiln dried wood sold in this country is shipped in from eastern european countries so how does the transport and shipping of such a product impact on the desired pollution reduction of this ban?

    You’re not wrong; it comes from obscure…[Read more]

  • No, the end of coal on open fires and stoves and the end of un-seasoned wood, if anybody is silly enough to burn un-seasoned.

    Carry on burning.

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    Ha ha that reminds me…. Safestyle kept ringing us back offering to do our front windows so Mrs Gti asked them to quote. It came in at £7000 and when they rang expecting the order we told them it was waaay beyond our budget and we would pay no more than £1000. They rang several times and just couldn’t seem to get the message.

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    After carelessly choosing Safestyle for the back of the house, a decision we have continued to regret for years up to the point where we’ve had to have a mullion replaced because they damaged it, we tried a local firm. Everything went well and the windows are good and weatherproof but the profiles of the frames are too deep and there’s now too…[Read more]

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    I’ve got some wood-effect vinyl offcuts left from a bathroom project, they would look lovely cut to shape.

  • In retrospect confining all those rich middle-class retirees in one ship was a big mistake, bearing in mind all the extramarital sex and swinging that must go on. I’ve worked as night porter in a posh hotel and seen more than a few fat red-faced men scurrying from room to room with only a towel around their middles. It’s disgusting, I tell you.

  • Maybe they should just abandon the lot off the Irish coast?

  • Not a container but I was once water-skiing on Loch Brittle (don’t ask!) when the towing RIB hit a barely-floating railway sleeper. Or planed over it at speed and the outboard motor hit the sleeper. The resulting flip almost took the motor 360 degrees through the floorboards.

  • Just look at Marine Traffic and scroll out for an idea of how many ships there are!

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    We have Laufen Compact Pro wall-hung pans in our house, they are small and compact and you can clean the floor underneath them. While I was installing them (I built wall boxes for the Geberit cisterns out of timber then hung the pans off them) I took the opportunity to install a Laufen home urinal in my downstairs bog as traditional WCs are…[Read more]

  • Not all ships are owned by big companies with huge reserves; I bet the majority are owned by individuals, some quite dodgy. The owner runs out of money or goes to prison or dies and abandons his crew; there are plenty of boats tied up in ports around the world with crews languishing on board unable to get home. It’s the maritime equivalent of…[Read more]

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    Equally annoying is lost sports kit – when I used to climb I had built up a good rack of the gear that suited my style of climbing. I lent it to my brother for a couple of months and when it came back most of it had disappeared. Turned out HE had lent it to somebody and hadn’t noticed the theft. I’ve never quite forgiven him for that.

  • Salvaging ships and aircraft is a knife-edge business, a bit like mining and quarrying, because the costs increase so fast with remoteness and difficulty. In a small way you can see this if you walk around the slate quarries above Llanberis; the higher you climb the more intact the machinery as the effort and cost of stealing it increases.

    For…[Read more]

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    I’ve taken my bike to Johannesburg then back from Cape Town on KLM and AF three times and never had a problem with the short-haul bit from and to Manchester. This was in a dhb bike case, which looks like a suitcase on steroids.

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    Tap water costs £0.0016 a litre while bottled water costs around £1.00 and fizzy “sport” drinks even more. If you want to add energy, buy plain maltodextrin from Myprotein and add a finger or two to your water bottle. If you think you’re in danger of sweating all your salt out, add a pinch of salt to the bottle. You can also add a teaspoonfull o…[Read more]

  • Back when I had boingy forks I used a set of SIDs for a couple of years then went over to Rebas, which I found stiffer but heavier and quite unreliable. While they were away for repair I fitted some eXotic carbon rigid forks and liked them so much that when the Rebas came back I sold them straight on and stayed rigid.

  • If you work in a university I bet it’s somebody you know. It’s a bitchy competitive environment. Got any suspicions? Drop the person some false information and see if it comes out in their abusive posts.

  • God that video fills me with nostalgia. My brother and I were so obsessed with mountain biking that we lived, talked and dreamed nothing else until the rest of our family got sick of us. We used to do Polaris Mountain Marathons, NEMBA races and all sorts of stuff. You could shoulder one of those bikes up a mountain easily enough then ride down. I…[Read more]

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    There’s hardly any weight resting on those chimneys. Perhaps the scaffolding pole has cracked the flaunching. Can you get up on the roof to check?

  • Better to insulate either outside or inside the house. We dry-lined a cold bedroom with Kingspan and foam-backed plasterboard and the effect was amazing. It’s the warmest room in the house now.

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