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  • The big man brings back the passion !!

    He most certainly did – best game I’ve seen at Goodison for a long time. My lad is easy come easy go with football but loved it today.

    A great result but honestly though what does that say about (most of) these players? They try when they want to try – Absolutely ran their bollox off today but that…[Read more]

  • Taking my kid to see Everton tomorrow, playing Chelsea (don’t tell the NSPCC). Duncan Ferguson in charge, heavens above. Actually expecting a good game, be interested to see if the Big Man drops any of the absolute cowards who have masqueraded in the Royal Blue Jersey this season.

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    That’s true up to a point, andykirk – Ruiz is probably the superior athlete at an innate level. He certainly looked it last time out. But contesting a world HW championship fight at 20 stone, 6 foot tall? Bloke’s miles out of shape – though it would be close but reckon AJ will wreck him now.

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    I’ll be mixing it with the Men of the North at Towneley Park. Raced there last year and thought it was OK, but it was a harsh day weather wise, so perhaps I’ll see it in a different light at the weekend. Main field was heavy but rideable last year IIRC, so hoping for that – not in the mood for a footrace.
    The course also has a hill, which is bad…[Read more]

  • e-bikes – the banality of evil.

  • What sort of level are you coming from? If you’re racing at the moment, training on zwift or TR here and there but want to step it up then a coach makes perfect sense. If it’s more you’re weekend fit then a coach might still work, but it would be taking a large step that you could prob make on your own (by racing and getting on zwift etc).

    Think…[Read more]

  • Any puncture you get on tubeless that doesn’t seal the first port of call is a plug – takes about 5 mins and away you go. You certainly don’t take the tyre off and put a tube in – that would only be for a gaping rent in the tyre that can’t be fixed [yet to experience this on road tubeless].

  • What sort of commute do you have? Definitely worth it for me on a surburban / urban run, used to get quite a few punctures.

  • Keep the rekon on the rear and put a minion DHF on the front.

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    If it’s in a tin, I’m not in.

    Needs to be dark and come with a head and be poured from a hand pump

    Fit three of those in a camelbak no prob.

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    Hawarden course was good yesterday in the N Wales league, quite picturesque weaving through the hedgerows in the grounds of the castle – admittedly hard to appreciate this when one is breathing out of one’s hoop for 60 mintues.
    Mud had dried a little so course was a bike killer, but my drivetrain kept rolling through huge amount of accumulated mud…[Read more]

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    I had the terreno wet. Tread looks on the light side for a UK mud tyre but they grip pretty well IME.

  • John O'Bese replied to the topic Vittoria terreno in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    They’re highly rated for racing – roll v well for a mud tyre and are reliable tubeless, popular choice. Ran one for a season no complaints at all.

    For general riding around I count the pennies a bit more as I’m not looking for absolute performance, would depend what price I could get them for and how durable they are (IDK). The vittoria cross XLs…[Read more]

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    North or England Champs for me, Shedbrewed, weekend after next. In Towneley park in Burnley.

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    Good to get a NT race under the belt Ferrals – the 80% rule sounds unforgiving but gives something to aim for next year. Guess you’d want to be hitting a race like that with absolute peak legs but it’s hard to plan with gaps in the race calendar, get the odd cold etc – just have to take the cross season as it comes I reckon.

    I’ve had a couple of…[Read more]

  • A cheap impermeable in the back pocket is a reasonable set up – good soft shell be fine for 95% of stuff but if it starts properly raining with bad intentions, then put on the outer layer. Obv need to get one that will pack up small.

    Rarely wear shorts, but the one’s I’ve owned have always got the aris worn out in short order. It’s like the Peak…[Read more]

  • There’s a few caves there open to the public – worth a gander (Castleton side). The Speedwell cavern is a flooded adit that you go on in a boat which is pretty cool. BUT the boat limits the number of visitors and it’s not worth a long queue IMO.
    One of the dams up from Ladybower on the Derwent or Howeden reservoir has a small museum on the…[Read more]

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    Stokes put in an innings for the ages but I reckon failing to win the Ashes takes quite a lot of impact away, at least for these sort of awards. If England had won then yes he’d prob be favourite.

  • You want to talk bad decisions – absolutely outrageous freekick here:

  • Too much Kenny the Koppite there redmex. Surely McFadden v France worth a place – beat a great side.

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