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  • Not taking the mickey at all – a commuter bike must be kept in good mechanical order, that is indisputable.
    I wouldn’t bother asking a cyclescheme minion what their definition of a tool is, I would just attempt to buy it and see if it goes through or not – that’s the definitive answer.

  • Our lad is a big 11 and ready to move onto a small adult mountain bike, and I’m looking for some inspiration – What’s good and available secondhand around the 500 quid mark? What did you get your kids for their first adult-sized bike?

    Wouldn’t mind getting him a FS – Thinking something like a calibre bossnut or something very mainstream like a…[Read more]

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    Doubt there’s any sporting activity that wouldn’t benefit from the squat – it’s the cornerstone of strength training as stated above.
    It seems quite reinforcing for cycling (big quad activation) rather than targeting muscles that are typically weak for cyclists (e.g. hamstrings) – but you can do squat variations that work the hams.

  • I used one of the croozers for two kids – decent trailer, used to leave it at the nursery and then ride in to work. Expensive but you can sell it on for a good percentage.

    I see a guy most mornings on a cargo bike with two kids in a barrow at the front – looks absolutely boss, but once you’ve dropped them off you’re stuck riding a tank into work.…[Read more]

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    I think with urban commuting you’re always going to get a small number of punctures tubeless – I use formula IRC pros which are nice tyres, but I’ve still had the odd one. Puncture-proof brick tyres aren’t justified IMHO as you’re trying to improve something that is already pretty great (v few punctures) at the expense of bike handling which…[Read more]

  • What tthew said – given the choice none of us would use these rent-seeking middlemen, but they exist to simplify the process for large companies, so often there’s no choice.

    I’ve used cyclescheme several times with no problems, but there was nothing to have a problem about. I can easily see a more complex purchase or something you need to change…[Read more]

  • Doesn’t bother me – maybe I have a safe commute. But even solo roadying feels pretty safe to me.

    I don’t enjoy group riding on the road to the same extent I must admit. Probably down to the psychology of not being used to two-abreast riding, but on the odd occasion I’ve been out for a club run you do reliably experience crass over-taking…[Read more]

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    The biggest risk with lead is the developing brain of children. You have likely reached peak intellect (if you’re 25+) so nothing to worry about over a tiny exposure.

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    Has anyone seen System of a Down over the past ten years or so? They are playing some European dates this year, plus Donnington in the UK. Would love to go see them with my wife but wondering if they might be past it – The Serj seems very disinterested in the band and not sure he has the pipes anymore? But I have never seen them live myself.

  • Laureen’s ride in Cheshire is good for cross bikes if you’re looking for a route closer to home, plus it is signposted so you don’t even need a gps.

    Those epic cycles rides look good, mind – stuff like that is good to get you out riding new places and the Shropshire hills, Welsh marches are a nice part of the world. I guess the route is by…[Read more]

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    The 80% rule was harsh on Sunday when a world level pro shows up to race – fair to say the field got stretched out. Lads down the field who would be considered strong at an amateur level only getting three laps in.

    I fancy trying some trophy races next season – good courses, different atmosphere. I just need to work on the gridding a little bit…[Read more]

  • The midland hotel is a very grand building in the centre, but is not that expensive – prob get a room for £100. Nice place to stay – 15 min walk from the academy.

  • John O'Bese replied to the topic Chub Club 2020 in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    It’s early days hooja – stick with it. If you’re doing 1700 on the reg the weight must come down, or the first law of thermodynamics is wrong.
    That weight built big you’re not that overweight, so it’s going to be harder for you. A lot of us here either are very overweight, or are fundamentally skinny folk wearing giant fat suits, so the weight can…[Read more]

  • There’s nothing that really corresponds to parkrun in that transitional area of being a proper timed race, but still casual and completely accessible.
    Think you need to either do a real bike race, but one with a grassroots feel that emphasises inclusivity (cross as mentioned above is good for this), OR you get together with your mates and run…[Read more]

  • Hit The North, Monster Cross and MBO Scores. Plus I’m organising the BMBO Nationals weekend in the lakes/Dale’s, yaya!

    Where do you do your MBO @benjiM? I always used to do a couple per year but dark and white have stopped putting them on in the Peak. Wouldn’t mind travelling to some this year as a way to get on the MTB some more.
    I’ve had to…[Read more]

  • John O'Bese replied to the topic RIP Roger Scruton in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Shilling for big tobacco unforgiveable IMHO. I mean I get that philosophers need to eat, and a man shouldn’t talk about another man’s game – but there are limits. Perhaps he did serious work when he was younger, but that shows a cynical-minded man no longer interested in getting at the truth and just looking to cash out.

  • John O'Bese replied to the topic The Road in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago


    Film is good.

    Do not watch if depressed.

    It’s his most uplifting book – nowhere else in his writing is there an emotional relationship like the father and son in the Road. He wrote it after becoming a father in his 60s and the whole book revolves around fatherhood.

  • John O'Bese replied to the topic Cross 19/20 in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    Shrewsbury was good today in the vets – not done a national course before but it seemed a good mix of challenging stuff and open straights over different terrain. Some testing off-camber, a substantial bridge (with massive steps that I crashed hard on) and plenty of short dismount sections – but overall the course seemed to hold up reasonably well…[Read more]

  • I’d just start off with some tri-shorts rather than a full suit (DHB ones from Wiggle are fine). Cheaper, and you can add on a top if you like the sport. Just pop a cycle top or t-shirt on in T1.

    Why do you have to pop a top on – can’t you just bare chest the whole thing like a warrior? A lot more aero for the bike than a T-shirt flapping around.

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