• gallowayboy replied to the topic Stanton Sherpa in the forum Bike Forum 1 day ago

    Sherpa owner here, but no good to you as i’m in Yorkshire…..Have you found the Stanton owners group on facebook? I went through the same process as you, trying to get the sizing right, and managed to find a few local owners happy to oblige. If its worth anything, i’m 5’10” and ended up comfy on a Large (19″). Great bike, suits me sir!
    Good luck!

  • gallowayboy replied to the topic PMBA Enduros live today in the forum Bike Forum 3 days ago

    Well.. started the process for my lad at 9 prompt and missed gisburn – sold out at 2 minutes past, almost as fast as Glastonbury. Not Ruben’s favourite so he’s not that bothered. He’ll be at greythwaite and Llangollen at least though, waiting on the others, depends on our time/A levels/other race priorities.
    I’m off out on MY bike now!