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    I’ve decided I’ll vote for any party that doesn’t have candidates:

    kissing babies

    pulling pints

    drawing pictures with young kids in a school

    walking around a hospital talking to patients

    None of the above has anything to do with competency as a PM, surely no one views such things other than with a large dose of cynicism but then they keep…[Read more]

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    +1 for doing this with smart TRVs

  • Good advice above, Computershare are a legit company (we use them for our company share scheme) but that doesn’t mean to say whoever contacted you is actually from Computershare.

  • Should be fine with a Philips Hue for that but will also need a bridge (either a standalone device or they’re often built into upper end model smart speakers). I know it can do geofencing (which it sounds like what you’re after) but although I have an external one I just have it on a timer as my routine is pretty set. Mine connects fine to my WiFi…[Read more]

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    Looks decent enough to me, in the sector it sits ‘out there’ styling is never going to be a wise business decision. Certainly looks way better than current gen BMW 3 series IMO. I have a mk2 face-lift Octavia estate and that’s proper fugly so my standards may be lower than average :p

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    Finally got around to binge watching Top Boy over the weekend, good recommendation (although I wish I’d noticed Chakaping’s note to watch the older Summerhouse series first – doh)

    Totally disagree with:

    I would recomend you dont watch topboy. I found it repulsive the way the exploitation on kids and ruining of lives by drugs for money way sort of…

    [Read more]

  • It would certainly be something I considered carefully when buying. I don’t live in a flood zone now but possibly if I had to move for work and the choice was live close to the office in a flood zone (but something that happened rarely) or have to have a 15+ mile commute to live outside of a flood zone I’d probably pick the flood zone house option.

  • Whilst I don’t disagree that government involvement has boosted the rise of out of town retail parks (relaxation of planning regs and likely some subsidies) It’s too simplistic to say:

    thats why its different in different countries

    Geography, culture, demographics etc. all play a big part in it to.

    Personally I can’t remember the last time I went…[Read more]

  • Fuzzy – no others have done that and the results are clear

    FFS TJ your obvious dislike of private schools is leading you to post utter bollocks. Let me try educating you with facts:

    No comprehensive survey has been carried out (I know this as I was privately educated and no one has asked me).

    Results from whatever survey(s) have been carried o…[Read more]

  • if you pitch up and you’re given credible allegations about an offence and want to question the suspect has been committed you’d have to caution them, you also need to decide straight away if they don’t want to talk and are going to walk off, destroy evidence bin their phones am I going to allow this – if not you’re going to arrest them and then…

    [Read more]

  • And very often doesn’t – or have you done a full survey over the last xx amount of years of every privately educated person? Thought not…

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    I would have thought you could just ask the tradesman to save certain items if you wanted to recycle them?

  • Now I know that private schools do not equal boarding schools but this article clearly outlines the damage boarding schools do

    I think you meant CAN do. My experience of boarding school (from age 11) was not the same as the guy that wrote the article. Was it all some amazing happy time? No but then I know many people going through state schools…[Read more]

  • Tricky one, depends a bit on how inflamed the situation was.

    If things weren’t kicking off then I would have thought it would have been simple enough for the police to establish, at the scene, the couple were visiting family and therefore highly unlikely to be related to the person the vigilantes were trying to trap (if at that point the…[Read more]

  • The monitor driver it’s using now is the exact model you have?

    Bit of a long shot but sometimes with P2V’d VMs they get in a mess with hidden buggy devices so I follow this process to make sure they’re cleaned up properly (I know yours isn’t a VM, this is just how to fully show any devices your Windows OS is aware of or has been aware in the…[Read more]

  • Can of red stripe or a bottle of rum might work but would be a PITA to spend any amount of time in, I’d probably just follow the herd and go as a pirate…

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    For me it would depend how much driving I was doing and the impact of a puncture whilst driving (e.g. if I was in a travelling sales or support role it would be more of an issue if just commuting to work).

    I don’t do a lot of miles and anything work related is just commuting so I’m fine with the can of jizz. If I was commuting a lot further I’d…[Read more]

  • We have Sky Q and am wondering whether to upgrade to get 4K or just upgrade Netflix only in 4K.

    I guess it depends how much extra you’d be paying Sky (you have 1TB Q now?). I’ve had Sky Q (with UHD) for well over a year now and it’s still a bit of a disappointment. Firstly there’s no HDR – once you’ve seen an HDR UHD picture on Netflix you’ll…[Read more]

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    Don’t let your trade or plumber go out and choose you a bath. Spec the fixtures and fittings yourself.

    I took a hybrid approach, plumber suggested going with him to the local trade supply place (which also had a good showroom). Ended up getting mostly ex-display (but mint) stuff which saved me over £500, plus the plumber had an account there an…[Read more]

  • I meant if you’re going for the best picture quality (and therefore the source is UHD + HDR) then OLED is going to give you that. Non-OLED with UHD + HDR can give a brilliant picture as well but you need to be a bit more careful about models as there’s some utter shite budget UHD sets out there.

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