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    I got ’em on Wednesday. No help now but you could get them via the Faith No More website. They issued a password a couple of minutes ahead of pre-sale to try and stop the touts

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    2 x £25 here

    £150 total from the last 4 draws

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    Yep, go back and do it again!


    I travel from Glossop to Wilmslow for work and one of the quickest routes (if I’m not cycling or taking the train) is via Hayfield, A6 and the A555 – luckily I’m on a motorcycle when I do this so the traffic isn’t quite as bad for me as it’s a very ‘filter friendly’ route. What I will say is that traffic…[Read more]

  • Crossed my mind when I saw those Airdrop Bitmap frames £100 off. I keep telling myself I don’t need another bike but it would be nice.

    I saw the sale and they look great but I fear they’re just too stiff and unforgiving for regular riding

  • I’ve had a Mach 5.5 for just over 2 years. From the first test ride I knew it was the bike for me. It’s geometry even back then was on the more conservative side but this, in my opinion, is what makes it such a great all rounder. It’s long and slack enough. All the elements come together so nicely. 2.6″ tyres, DW-Link suspension and brilliant…[Read more]

  • What are they like for popping off things/wheels in the air kind of stuff?

    I’m thinking Llangegla blacks and BPW reds (as well as natural trails that encourage this kind of behaviour)

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    I’m in the market for a hardtail and, among others, this is on my shortlist.

    Any owners care to share their views/ownership experience?

    Will be used mainly in the dark peak but also trail centres