• I’ve no problem with fires/burners if they provide your heating. But if you’ve got it in a modern house, just for show, then so you should be burning smokeless, or not at all, especially in smokeless zones.

    Bit like my nobber neighbour – perfectly efficient central heating, modern house, no chimney/fireplace. So he sticks a monstrocity of an…[Read more]

  • fossy replied to the topic Pension transfer options in the forum Chat Forum 9 hours ago

    I looked at some options a couple of years back with a Financial Adviser.

    The old Defined Benefits was a leave where it was. Two defined contributions could be transferred, which would have saved me a couple of hundred in fees a year. The current DB was another don’t touch. I’ve left them, as I could draw my DC’s in the next 5 years if…[Read more]

  • You’ll find folk who always have issues with Shimano. Been running Guide RS for 4 years, and the only thing I did was replace the lever piston as it was an early model which got sticky in direct summer sun. That’s when I bled them and the fluid was clear. I do tend to keep the caliper clean and regularly give the pads/pistons a quick squirt of…[Read more]

  • fossy replied to the topic Dignity in Dying in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    Fully supportive of Dignity in Dying.

    FIL had terminal cancer and was given morphine to settle him. One SIL didn’t realise what it was for and was trying to stop him being given it, ended up in a row, where it was explained it was to help him pass peacefully.

    MIL’s been dying for about 5 years. Annual lengthy visits to hospital, they fix her up…[Read more]

  • fossy replied to the topic Care Homes in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    In England I think that happens especially discharge from hospital. MIL had a few months in respite care in a ‘community hospital’ first before we could find a nursing home. I think the first 6 weeks in the nursing home were covered (but not sure). Ask the Social Worker – drop them an email if you don’t have time to phone.

  • fossy replied to the topic The folk over at GCN in the forum Chat Forum 3 days ago

    I saw Chris Boardman do it in Manchester and it was a crazy mad dash over from work, but the atmosphere was amazing. I no doubt this would have been fab too.

  • Try bleeding it – but a quick google says the MK2 hs a low biting point. We had a 1999 MK1 for 17 years, and still see it about locally.

  • fossy replied to the topic Air fryer (…trackworld) in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    We’ve got the Power Air Fryer XL – blimey didn’t realise it was that much – missus bought it.

    We’ve sussed out real chips – need a fair bit longer than a fat fryer, but you just use a small amount of oil – we tend to leave the skin on. The power fryer doesn’t turn anything, so it’s a quick shake part way through cooking. It’s great for sausages,…[Read more]

  • Just checked where we are staying, and it’s right next to a little stream that caused all the flooding in Llanberris over the years. I hope the flood defenses, finished in the autumn, do the job. Don’t fancy watching the car float off !

  • I’m off on an orgainsed walking holiday in Snowdonia. Expecting to get very wet. Already been told to stick to the main roads going to Llanberis as the Llanrwst area’s had bad flooding.

    If it’s really bad, we’ll wander round the lake and sample the local pubs.

  • I know of someone on another forum that has used an alarm mine quite successfully. The tealeaf had set it off at very close range and given the amount of ‘DNA’ left on the bike’s chain ring, they didn’t half get a shock.

  • fossy replied to the topic Apple Watch – Alternatives? in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Samsung Galaxy watches – my wife has a rose gold one – looks much more like a watch than most. Even the face mimics a real analogue watch (if wanted).

  • All in with shrooms. A lad at work grows fancy shrooms for restaurants. I keep asking for any ‘wonky seconds’ but he assures me they all sell. Quite expensive – around £30 a punnet (or what ever).

    To top it off, the lad can’t stand the taste of mushrooms. He’s got plans for expansion, and is hoping it will be his full time business at one point.

  • fossy replied to the topic do i want root canal? in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    My wife has a root filling, but the dentist messed it up, drilling through the tooth, which caused infection, the tooth having to come out and dental implant being needed. She’s has a few root treatments (joy’s of pregnancy effect on teeth), but only one messed up. We got the cost covered by sueing the dentist.

    I’ve got a couple of cracked molars…[Read more]

  • Beko here – heating element failed about a year ago – 30 minute job to remove oven and replace element. Cost about £12 for the part. Oven itself is really good, and front door can be removed for cleaning inside the glass.

  • fossy replied to the topic Bike got nicked last night! in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Work won’t cover anything – they screwed over a colleague when the secure cycle store wasn’t secure – it’s your responsibility. That said, as the bike was locked away in a building, you should be fine with your own insurance.

    Crap thing to happen.

  • fossy replied to the topic Your cycling confessions in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    As an ex roadie, who had Dura Ace and hand built frames (snob), a Boardman FS Pro is way better than I am off road. Post broken spine vs car, I don’t use the posh bikes. I love my Boardman.

  • Abelsons in Manchester if passing. Tiny family run place, but my family all use them plus a number of folk at work. It’s not a ‘flashy place’, but they know their stuff.

    I got our wedding rings and engagement rings from them originally, and had to get the lot replaced again this summer when my wife put them in a safe place before a bedroom…[Read more]

  • I can’t recommend enough getting some assistance, Social Work, Council – also and charities that can offer advice – we’ve got one called ‘Oasis for Carers’.

    Also, as you are experiencing, this whole thing can cause immense stress. He probably doesn’t need a huge amount of care (PS my FIL used to have to be told to go get a bath/wash, even when he…[Read more]

  • Can he currently look after himself – i.e. wash, dress, move around ? As others have said, speak to social services.

    We managed to keep MIL in her home for as long as we could after FIL died, with carers 4 times a day. She had to go into a nursing home when her mobility became zero – hoisted between bed and chair. No way could we do that at home…[Read more]

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