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    My son has just bought the Endura ones and needed XL to get over his svelte size 9s. Decent overshoes but joke sizing. I bought some Galibiers which are good but a bit flimsy for mtbing

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    I felt like this a few years ago. Bought a 29er FS and rode it all the time leaving my Soul mouldering in the garage. Gradually I noticed myself taking the HT out more and more until I think I have hardly been out on the FS at all this year. In fact I have got to the state that I am thinking of upgrading the Soul to the latest generation. Keep the…[Read more]

  • When I asked on here for advice about this exact problem, somebody suggested red rubber grease which I had never heard of. I got some from eBay and it worked a treat and has been fine for two winters. Just extend the pistons as far as you dare and rub the grease on , then push them in and out a few times until it moves freely

  • I learnt to ride a two wheeler when a sprog on an eccentric relative’s drop bar fixie. It was also far too big. It is a wonder I ever got on a bike again. It has left me with a fixie aversion but I am indifferent to TCs despite ( or because of )living on the next hill but one to Lady Cannings.

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    Never done Glenlivet but never pass the Nethy cafe so a good incentive to get to the trails

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    Well I don’t know where they ALL are but there was one out around Brushfield this morning if the fresh tracks were anything to go by. I felt like David Attenborough tracking a rare beast!

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    seem to be for the dinky of feet only – max size 11, no good for my boats

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    My bike has no bottle cage mounts to attach a pump clip but Decathlon sell a pair of Velcro straps along with little plastic blocks for 3 or 4 quid . You can mount the pump wherever you have space and the Velcro goes round the pump as well as the mounting blocks so it doesn’t whizz off into space on rocky descents

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    I have more or less given up on merino for bike use but still use it for walking . So, I was in M&S today and noticed they had lightweight l/s jumpers for £35 which is cheaper than a lot of fancy merino base layers. Would they be of any use as a base layer for outdoor stuff or are there other ‘issues’ that would make them a waste of money?

  • I bought some from the shop- they are ok, not particularly thick but are comfortable . Not warm enough for winter though

  • I once followed a large German up the climb from Pollensa to Lluc whose huge buttocks wobbled about in similar see through shorts. I just didn’t quite have the energy to get past him and in the end had to drop back and climb even slower to preserve my vision

  • I am always amused that manufacturers quote transpiration rates to prove how well their fabric breathes but fail to mention that the moisture produced by an average human working hard is far greater.

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    I strip off behind the back door where there is a wooden floor which is easy to clean. I put filthy outside kit in a large plastic bucket to avoid backsplash while I take it to the bathroom. Kit is then dumped in bath and thoroughly rinsed so it can then go in washing machine ( wife accuses me of being the washer killer with my gritty mtb gear and…[Read more]