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    So now you’ve seen their attitude even before they’ve got your money, how much success do you think you’re going to have with problems *after* they’ve sold you the house?

    And there will be problems.

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    If you haven’t exchanged contracts you’ve got the upper hand if power in the garage is important to you.

    It sounds minor but it’s so annoying not being able to run power tools / charge batteries / decent lights etc.

    It’s not a huge job; they’ll have trenching equipment on site. Don’t go in there saying you “just want a bit of light” – make it…[Read more]

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    Thanks! All seems normal now it’s back together. Cursing the baggage handlers at Heathrow though, my bike box looks like someone’s driven over it with a 747.

  • Just arrived in Phoenix with a somewhat bruised bike box and the cassette (still attached to the freehub body) loose in the box.

    It’s a road bike wheel with a thru-axle. It’s fairly obvious how it goes back together but I’m surprised that it came apart in the first place. Does it really rely on the thru axle holding the whole freehub body in…[Read more]

  • I’m sure some of you on here are trapped in the 1950’s

    I agree. Who gives a toss what you wear in your own house?

  • It’s not too bad. I did stage 2 yesterday and my group averaged just under 20 minutes a lap. Finished 54th on ZP, managed to lose the first group by misjudging my ultra-draft technique and dropping back on the descent.

  • Presumably you have some sort of internet connection… Just stream it?

    You mean by using some sort of internet connected device like a smart speaker?

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    Are they following the books? It could get challenging…

    Don’t think so. Season 2 takes place on Harlan’s World, and seems to revolve around a search for his slightly creepy mentor / girlfriend Quell.

  • Why this need to ask a ‘smart’ speaker to do something that can very easily be done by, lets just say, turning on a radio? It’s what I do, and it works very successfully.

    No DAB coverage here and Virgin Radio not broadcast on FM.

    Do you still have your old CRT TV? I mean, there’s no analogue signals any more but by your own argument that’s no excuse.

  • Thank you. Have been casting it through TuneIn but glad to know it’s not just me.

    Wonder who Virgin Radio has upset at Google?

  • Would anyone with a Google Home Hub or Mini be kind enough to ask it to “play Virgin Radio”?

    Mine have started refusing to do it, and while I agree that Chris Evans can be divisive I don’t think it’s for my smart speakers to be making this decision.

    Thought I’d check here though before whining to Virgin Radio since I’m aware that Google often…[Read more]

  • Probably would be done by now if you’d answered their text and given them your IMEI.

    I agree with Phil.

    full name, address, phone number and any other details you are willing to give me?

    I mean, you asked them to unlock the phone. I don’t think that asking for the phone number and IMEI of the phone is particularly unreasonable.

  • If it’s an LG TV the overs can settings only show up if you change the input type to PC (it looks like you’re only changing the icon, but it affects a lot of stuff in the TV)

  • You can do Amman to Petra and back again in a day if you leave before sunrise and accept that you’ll be leaving after sunset. Get a hotel at Petra if you can.

    I’ve done it a couple of times, and combined it with a visit to the Dead Sea too. I wouldn’t say you’re missing anything if you skipped the Dead Sea; apart from the floatiness it just fe…[Read more]

  • Flaperon replied to the topic Brexit 2020+ in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    The Colin Browning Twitter account must be a parody. It *must* be.

  • Flaperon replied to the topic OSM, Your Mapping Needs You in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    First rule of OSM: Don’t copy from other maps (unless you have specific permission to do so). Copying from OS maps is a copyright infringement.

    Several years ago I added a very specific entry to OSM (a stone circle my dad and I built out of reclaimed granite gate posts). It’s invisible from the road and only shows up on satellite maps if you…[Read more]

  • Sick of missing the semi-random bin collection dates in North Yorkshire so made a Bindicator. It grabs the calendar from the council and lights up with the appropriate bin colour the day before.

    You’ll need access to a 3D printer, but if you want to make your own I’ve uploaded the source and STL files to github…[Read more]

  • I’m running Elementary OS in parallel with Windows 10 on my laptop. Generally works well, but like all Linux stuff unless your computer is *exactly* the same as the guy who made the distribution, it won’t work properly off the bat.

  • Is this what they mean in the boat world when they talk about being tugged off?

  • You shouldn’t need to touch the wiring centre. As others have said, the Heat Link replaces the traditional time switch.

    It’s quite fiddly to install (form over function, I think they assumed the UK uses thin wires like the US low voltage systems) but straightforward. The wiring diagrams cover most scenarios.

    Depending on whether your boiler uses…[Read more]

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