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  • use the website justpark – people rent their driveways for parking on there for any and all lengths of time. use all the time when in London as always significantly closer to where I need to go && significantly cheaper than london carparks

  • flannol replied to the topic Hit by a Bus WWSTW do? in the forum Chat Forum 3 months ago

    unless he had a reasonable excuse

    There is absolutely no reasonable excuse. Not one.

    OP I’d potentially be of the same though of you, of asking the police to not press criminal charges


    you can be 100% sure this was in no way malicious and the bus company proved and demonstrated they were going to do adequate training. Having written that…[Read more]

  • As someone who has been the beneficiary of an experienced officers discretion on more than one occasion in my ‘yoof’ this simply isn’t true.

    Fair enough! Honestly I don’t really know. You’re prob right…

    Hopefully the courts are fair

  • I can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable with this.

    They throw the book in the absolute strongest way they can possibly muster, in every single opportunity they can, at us, why shouldn’t we expect the same force of law to apply to them?

  • Not high mileage (at all) but my mum was also taken by a B-Max. She just bought the 125 on 30k, titanium, for £9k from main dealer

    What a brilliant car. The practicality they’ve made available with the lack of B-pillars and 100% folding front passenger seat is really impressive

    It’s technically just a fiesta but it’s significantly better than a…[Read more]

  • flannol replied to the topic Shoe drying racks in the forum Chat Forum 4 months ago

    Don’t blow hot air!

    It ‘bakes in’ the stink, etc

    Blow cold air. This serves to simply, rapidly accelerate the natural air drying

    I use a hairdryer on cold. It dries each shoe out, completely and entirely in about 7 minutes. It MUST be on cold. You can use hot and two things will happen: 1) the shoe will definitely dry much quicker – think two…[Read more]