• I suppose given the use I have out of the trainer over the last decade I cannot really complain. As an advocate of recycle or repair over buy new, it does just seem to add to the throw away culture. Just think how many Fortius and IMagic trainers there are out there with usb controllable motor brakes that could be ported over to be controlled…[Read more]

  • I don’t expect support, but I do expect to be able to reinstall the software onto a standalone windows 7 pc in the future should I so wish. It’s the fact that they have stopped users from being able to reinstall the software that is the issue. So I basically have a turbo trainer that for all intensive purposes can no longer be used.

  • So Tacx have stopped supporting the old Tacx Trainer Software which only runs on windows 7 and is used by a people who have the pre smart Tacx trainers, eg Fortius & Imagic. But what they have also apparently done is to also remove the ability to reinstall the software you own onto another windows 7 pc should the current one fail.

    So basically…[Read more]

  • I agree, but it hasn’t even been implemented. Once implemented and after a few years then I have no issue with a campaign to rejoin the EU.

  • Jeez. I can’t believe people are still arguing about this. Democracy prevailed. Move on and accept that if you want the right to vote then you also have to accept the alternative viewpoint when it differs to yours.

    Those of you who still would happily overturn the democratic result should be stripped of the vote.

  • Thanks for the posts here. Certainly a lot to digest and to consider when trying to come up with a plan for the next 12 weeks until the end of March. Would be great to create a structured plan for that period so I can get the maximum out of it.

    Given my goal is multi day cycling trips and long days I just need to work out what is the best…[Read more]

  • To improve you will have to push yourself harder. You’re probably at equilibrium for your efforts. Instead, go a little harder on three weeks and drop two long rides on the fourth. Riding in a higher gear will help. It’s one reason why I ride fixed, because on 82” you can’t bimble along.

    I do tend to just do the thing same week in week out so…[Read more]

  • On reflection I agree that everyone is different so there is not a one stop generic solution. I do incorporate gym and strength training, but 3 rides a week and one gym session is enough for me. If I try and do 2 gym and 3 rides it’s too much. I did really enjoy the strength training; squats, dead lifts, but had to curb them after 4 years as I…[Read more]

  • Glad I posted this question! So looks like I can bin BT Sport as I only get to watch a game per week and don’t watch anything else BT Sport offers.

    I had no idea the games were available for free.


  • I keep cycling through the winter and do 2 mid week 2 hour 30 mile rides and one 30+ mile weekend ride. I try to mix things up and cycle in all HR zones from 2 right through to near max hr. Trouble is I don’t find I get any quicker and feel like I am going backwards. I and am starting to feel like it’s a lot of effort just to maintain fitness…[Read more]

  • I try to watch the game live on Friday night on BT Sport, but I am really surprised that they don’t have the games for on demand so you can watch the games after they have been played. Is this correct as I only find the odd game on replay and the rest are just highlights of a few miutes.

    Thinking of cancelling the subscription because the lack…[Read more]

  • I bought a Lumina 850 on the basis of the advertised runtime of 1.5hrs at max 850 and around 4 hours for the mid setting and was very disappointed when it went off after 1 hr 45 mins and I’d been riding mainly on dip and the mid setting.

    Anyone able to comment on what run times they achieve with their Niterider Lumina lights?

  • Fazua state that level 3 gives 240% extra. So if I put in 100 watts the motor adds another 240 watts. So 340 watts.

    If you use the calculator here Calculator

    Might try and get my hands on some Garmin Vector pedals and someone with a turbo so I can measure watts at the pedals and at the rear wheel to see whether it is indeed giving out the 240%…[Read more]

  • So just for reference here are my ride stats for today and for the same ride in late August on my non e bike (I have been riding twice a week since then, but doing 30 mile evening rides so no commuting)

    Today (Bike was on turbo mode max assistance())
    20.7 miles / 12.01 mph average / 135 avg hr / 161 max

    20.7 miles / 13.4 mph average / 145…[Read more]

  • I’ll speak with them, but it’s my own fault for not researching this more. I stupidly looked at a torque table of the Bosch vs the Fazua and the Fazua had a higher torque so I assumed it offered greater assistance.

  • sounds like you have a (much lauded by some) torque sensing motor when it appears you want an non torque sensing motor – which i use for similar reasons to your self.

    Yes. It is a torque sensing motor which would therefore explain the ride feel that I experienced. I spoke to Cycle Republic and they mentioned I might be able to upgrade the s…[Read more]

  • I took a Cannondale Synapse Neo for a spin and loved it, but could not justify the price tag so I purchased a Boardmana APex 9.8 ADV E with the Fazua mid mount motor instead. My decision was based on the published torque figures so I (wrongly) assumed they would feel the same.

    Just commuted 20 miles to work on the bike and now wish I’d demoed…[Read more]

  • We have put a lock on her card and changed ebay login details. What is strange is that the payment went through paypal, but there is no paypal transaction for it and Lloyds are saying the payment was via paypal.

    Have considered the Police, but I suspect they have got bigger issues than this.

  • My daughter has had her ebay account hacked and the scum bags have ordered a £400 Garmin watch which is set to be delivered by DPD tomorrow to some address in Worcester. It’s even being sent to her name, but a different address to home.

    We have the DPD tracking number and I have changed the delivery date to next Friday in an attempt to stop the…[Read more]