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  • Reply to: The Running 2020 thread – beginners/ultras/whatever

    After doing my first (one and so far, only) half marathon a few months back in Cardiff with a 1:57, as a 50 year old I’ve just gone for the ballot for the snowdonia marathon, as my first marathon.
    Am I mad? The phrase I see most often is “brutal”, though tbh reading what half of what you lot are up to it should be a walk in the park for some of you..

    Any tips (assuming I get in which obviously I may not)? It’s late October so plenty of training time.
    Got my first trail race (Night Nobbler) this coming saturday, then next half in early Jan in E.London, and plan the Preselli Beast Bach and whatever takes my fancy next year, plus a few cycling events.
    Quite enjoying running tbh. Who’d have thought it?

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    Reply to: Inspired by Kipchoge: How old is too old to start running marathons?

    Yep go for it. Assuming you do a bit of cycling (being on here…) you’ll hopefully find you’re actually fitter than you credit yourself for. For the record I’m one of the slowest (actually *the* slowest!) of my riding buddies…
    Started running mid last year after a life of hating and therefore not running at all – last time I had run was the charity “run the world” thing in the mid 80’s.
    I Didn’t follow a specific timing plan for a half marathon – just a 10 week “beginners get round” plan, but still managed 1:57 in my first half – in Cardiff which I’m pretty pleased with. I turned 50 earlier this year and now looking at doing a marathon as like you, I’ll probably regret it otherwise. Have set my heart on the Snowdonia marathon as I love cycling up there too, though it looks like a bit of a bugger (I admit the Loch Ness Marathon does look rather fantastic too).
    So long as you’re sensible, follow the 10% rule so you don’t risk injuring yourself, and realise that (apparently) a full marathon isn’t twice as hard as a half, it’s 3 or 4 times as hard, and listen to your body, go for it.
    From decades of hating and avoiding running, I’d now say I enjoy it – never thought I’d say that.

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    Reply to: San Fran bans the douche flute….

    I can understand the reasoning *to some extent*…

    A couple of my daughters vape (Sorry… are douche flute users… ) and yet they didn’t smoke before. I imagine a reason for banning it is partly down to this, and that the advertising is (again partly) aimed at kids, due to the flavours.
    i.e. Get youngsters hooked on vaping, then a certain % may turn to ciggies…

    [keep stopping myself typing douche chute – suspect that’s something different entirely]

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    Reply to: MEP Elections, have you voted?

    I haven’t seen any percentages on voter turnout (been out on the bike lol), but from a friend who always helps at these things the % turnout in his area was up from an abysmal 27% to an equally abysmal 29%.

    Apathy seems to be the real winner again 🙁

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    Reply to: Battle on the beach 2019, 6/7 April, who’s going?

    Another cracking weekend. Very well organised but I’m no sure how to solve the issue of the queues on a couple of the sandy uphill sections. You couldn’t ride up them due to the throng of stationary people in front…
    Weather couldn’t have been better and the “battle in the dark” is one hell of an intense 15 mins lol.
    Shame the course didn’t go through any of the tunnels like it used to – previously only did the 2nd BotB so don’t know how long they’ve been omitted…

    I need more salsa bands in my life.

    Be good to have links to any groups of pics to wade through on this thread…

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    Reply to: A question regarding the current viral petition…

    …meant to add VPN’s as has been mentioned. I’ll no doubt be listed as not voting from the UK even though I most certainly am.

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    Reply to: A question regarding the current viral petition…

    tomhoward – I know quite a few ex-pats who are crapping themselves over brexit – don’t know any *for* it.
    Russians of course are a different kettle of Solyanka..

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    Reply to: Hanging bikes vertically by the wheels, any reason not to, whats best etc

    I bought some Steadyrack Classic Racks – quite expensive but the work really well as they swivel sideways to allow you better access / to fold out of way of doors etc. Storing vertically has drastically reduced the space taken in the shed/fortress, I have to say.

    I did read at the time some brakes didn’t like them (I didn’t have those brakes so have forgotten) but I’ve had no issues with our bikes..

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    Reply to: Running or Cycling

    Simple logistics really. Prefer cycling by a long shot, but being half an hour away from the local mountains / hills means I can fit in more runs than a decent mtb ride, which is generally only once a week.

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    Reply to: What was this helmet light?

    All good guesses but I must have been dreaming. Can’t find it anywhere.

    Cheers 🙂

    As you were…

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    Reply to: What was this helmet light?

    Thanks, all good suggestions.
    Alas I’m still looking.

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    Reply to: The Old Wet Feet Question .. Again

    Any feedback on those wetsuit booty socks – hadn’t seen them before and intrigued as to whether they actually work on a bike.

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    Reply to: Windows 10 – Do clean install after the upgrade….

    Well, after a “remove everything” it all went swimmingly well. Didn’t need to download anything. Shame all computer related stuff cant be that easy really 🙂

    Thanks for the help.

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    Reply to: Windows 10 – Do clean install after the upgrade….

    Thanks for all the replies
    stevehine – will that format the c: / all drives first?

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    Reply to: Trail dogs….NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Something tells me keeping your dog on a lead when going down singletrack isn’t really a serious option?

    A certain % of all people are knobs. Those people that do not believe this simple fact, must also therefore be a knob. 🙂

    As a cyclist we have to endure the generalised flack caused by the % of cyclists that are knobs.
    As a car driver we have to endure the generalised flack caused by the % of car drivers that are knobs.
    As a dog owner we have to endure the generalised flack caused by the % of dog owners that are knobs.

    Don’t you just love being shoved in generalised boxes by everyone?

    For the record, a) I find a the outer pocket of a backpack is very handy for carrying full poo bags until you can find a bin, and b) I don’t take my dogs to a trail centre.

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    Reply to: 3 hrs in Afan…what to do…

    Thanks for the tips. Whites level worked a treat. I imagine it’s a blast in the summer 😀

    What I hadn’t banked on was how awful the weather was going to be. Basically..
    a) Lashing it down at the bottom
    b) Sleeting sideways half way up, and
    c) Snowing at the top.
    oh, and
    d) Quite how unfit my companion was, who threw up on more than one occasion :), and went over the bars twice…

    Still, managed to do it all in time to pick my daughter up in Swansea.

    I also now fully understand the need for
    i) Waterproof gloves
    ii) Waterproof socks

    Glad we didn’t have any mechanicals as even fixing a puncture would have been very painful…

    I’ll have to look into Clyne woods and Kilvey Hill options – past experience of attempting find trails in the woods without someone who has been there first made me steer clear of these options…

    Onwards and upwards 🙂

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    Reply to: 3 hrs in Afan…what to do…

    Thanks for all the replies.

    Whites climb. Turn right and fire road over to Helter Skelter on Blade. Ride that, hokey kokey, joyrider, up the fire road past the start of that blade section and past deadwood, keep on the fire road taking the first left turn, follow that back past the start of helter skelter to the top of whites climb. Black run and the rest of Whites. Done.

    To the uninitiated (i.e. me), that reads like Id get lost! 🙂 No idea how good / bad the signs are. I’ve actually got a 4hr window from starting in Swansea, and have reckoned 1/2 hr each way to make the 3hrs but can’t afford to be late / lost as I’ll be picking up my eldest daughter afterwards back in Swansea.

    Sounds like flipping a coin between Penhydd and Whites then.
    Most likely go for Penhydd as I can’t risk being late, though “Windy Point” does look like the kind of trail that floats my boat 🙂
    I recon we’ll go with that to be safe, then see what’s occurring on subsequent trips.
    Thanks all for the recommendations 🙂

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    Reply to: Mumsnet Dinosaurs

    The associated facebook page has over 3100 members! I can only hope that the last 3099 all joined to take the piss.

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    Reply to: how to track my badger….

    Interesting differences about timekeeping.
    We’ve plenty of badger sets and 5-6 years ago one family would run past the front of our house, turn the corner and run past our kitchen every night like clockwork at dusk. It even got to the stage where people would come to our house and sit in the lounge to wait for them. “I don’t believe you, it’s never going to… **** me, there’s a badger!”
    Then they stopped just like that. They like their routes and keep to them unless something spooks them, when they change their route.

    They do dig for worms quite a bit, but unless it’s in the middle of your prize lawn, not usually a problem. *

    As mentioned by yetidave they’ve also got unique fur, so look for it that’s been caught on a fence or bush… I found a clump at the top of my daughters slide one day. I love to think they were on the slide while we slept…

    * Usually. Apart from one night where they absolutely decimated a 20ft * 30ft section, and must have been driving a jcb.

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    Reply to: Down at the bottom of an oldforgotten bridleway I find this!

    Aren’t we past this “us lot” “you lot” “them lot” yet?

    The proportion of nob jockeys is the same in all the groups whether they’re in control of a car / bike / dog.

    This is blatantly obvious for anyone with all of the above.

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    Reply to: New riding partner [puppy content]

    jamesgarbett – it depends on the breed & dog to be honest.
    My Welsh Springer happily runs behind or at the side, but then will dash anywhere when the see a squirrel / rabbit. My Collie on the other hand couldn’t give a monkey about any animal, but wants to be on front and will bark like a loon if they see a wind turbine.

    I started both off on lead and riding round a field – they soon get to know to stay immediately clear of the bike.

    Basically whatever the dog you need to be on your toes, and carry plenty of water for them, and keep an eye out for other riders, who won’t be expecting a dog…

    Hopefully it goes without saying that any dog near sheep that you have any doubt about needs to be on a lead, and pick up and bag your dogs sh*t!

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    Reply to: Which Hardtail 29er?

    Cotic Solaris. Not seen a bad word said against them.

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    Reply to: Battle on the Beach entries open

    Holey crap it’s next Sunday!
    Still thinking about tyres lol.
    How much of the 13k route is actually on a beach??

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    Reply to: Battle on the Beach entries open

    Mamdairt sorry for not spotting that before. 🙁
    I’m all sorted now thanks.

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    Reply to: Battle on the Beach entries open

    So, I’ve missed out.
    It’s full and I’m supposed to be entered and driving a couple of mates who have places. Is there a reserve list for people who cancel? I saw that entries cannot be refunded, so I guess this means there isn’t a reserve list?
    I feel a bit of a nob tbh 🙂

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    Reply to: Say hello to Jacob (new dog content)

    Cupra – fair enough, I remember Bob the lurcher now… things are starting to click 🙂

    Jake’s looking good 🙂

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    Reply to: Say hello to Jacob (new dog content)

    I’ve just got another dog. Do I really have to get her to say hello? (Cupra – not aimed at you, genuinely asking…)

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    Reply to: Llandegla Clientele

    Couldn’t agree more cougar.
    A past riding buddy who now always wears a full face as he saw close up what had happened to one of his previous riding buddies who really came a cropper, and came to the conclusion that with a full face they would have avoided a hospital trip, massive dental work and all the rest..

    Let people wear what they want, but if people ruin the trails for others, or drop litter, shoot them <ahem>. 😉

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    Reply to: best way to loose belly fat

    When my crohns flared up I lost 1/3 of my weight in under 6 months.
    If I can find a shop that sells it, I’ll post a link 😐

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    Reply to: Tell me I am mad or give me some advice please – house renovation…

    Lovely looking place…
    Couple of things…

    Large rooms cost more to sort out than small rooms. suprisingly so.
    Do you know local tradesmen? & can you call in favours to help you with your small budget?
    Make sure you’re not doing double work. made that mistake by sorting out plenty of rooms then knocking 7 bells out the house due to needing to sort out chimney flues.
    I’m 11 years through a 10 year plan and 60% done 🙂
    Love it!

    That house could be a stonking home 🙂
    Do it 🙂

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    Reply to: Disk brakes stick while at work

    meant to add – All I’d done so far was piddle about with the allen key mounts tbh..

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    Reply to: Disk brakes stick while at work

    How do I get it working again? Last time I put the bike in the back of a work van and drove home lol… If it’s locked on when I’m about to go to work I use a different bike..

    I haven’t bled it, so I’m guessing that’s whats needed.

    It’s an intermittent problem that I’ve only now thought about the heat – as I hadn’t used the brakes this morning and now they are on solid.

    No free van and no bleed kit at work (or home for that matter) so I may be walking home 🙄

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    Reply to: Pembrokeshire riding – Canaston woods?

    Trails around Canaston & Minwear are fine – prefer them to Llys y Fran tbh, which is a last resort really.
    Presellis are fine, but tbh as far as a bogfest is concerned, everywhere is a bog at the moment, Minwear included.
    You’re obviously aware that you’re an hour away from Brechfa, so I won’t go into that other than to say as a Pembs local I spend most of my time in Brechfa, Carmarthenshire.

    Bigdean – I’d email for the garmin route if I could work out how to email you… Always up for finding new routes.

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    Reply to: Riding Snowdon

    Yep, gone. Was brought down by the train a few days ago…

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    Reply to: editing car number plates out of a video – free or cheap software

    paint.net is your friend.
    google it & it’s free

    edit: forget that skim read & missed it’s a video… err…

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    Reply to: Trail centres and dogs.

    You’d think the schools are out with the replies on here…

    Dog owner? yes
    Hate dog owners who don’t clear up? yes. shoot them.
    Go riding with the dog? Yes
    Go riding with the dog to a trail centre? No. The idea seems a little silly to me, but there you go. Best go wild in the mountains, so long as you can control the dog where livestock are about.
    Clear up after the dog? yes
    Does the dog love it? Hell yes
    Does the dog need a drink? Hell yes, carry couple of bottles for the pooch specifically, plus streams are very handy. Always clear up after dog no matter where I am, even in the middle of nowhere.

    Have to say I’m in the camp that says you shouldn’t take your dog on a trail. If you’re near a trail centre you’re also near natural trails. You may have a well trained dog and clear up after them, but there’s no accounting for the d* heads who have no skill and wobble about frantically if they see a pooch that they’re not expecting.

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    Reply to: Driving down through Wales on the A483, A40 & A477 – Chester to Tenby.

    I drive from Milford Haven to Preston most weeks, which takes about 4.5 hrs. It’s far quicker than going the motorway route, and relatively quiet most times so you can make good progress, though Fridays are slower than other days, but I image you expected that…

    Lovely scenery, and a few forests / picnic sites & pubs on the way to stop off at. I think the only McD once off the Motorway near Mold/Ruthin is at Aberystwyth if that’s what the kids are after…

    I know it’s in reverse, but from Tenby best go over the Preseli mountains from Haverfordwest to Eglwyswrw (my favourite hangman placename) to Cardigan, up the coast to Aberystwyth then Dolgellau, Bala lake (now there’s a lovely place to stop!) and onto Ruthin…

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    Reply to: Brechfa Black Run – anyone ridden it?

    HT Will be fine. Black is great fun but arguably shouldn’t actually be a black. As has been said, green & blue shouldn’t be dismissed either as they’re good fun..

    There’s a “brechfa monster” route you’ll come across if you google it which is pretty good and a mix of most routes.


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