• I don’t see what waiting a week would do, incubation time is 2 weeks, seems like it will be a couple of months before we know where we are with this? I am mildly concerned about some work travel I have plannned in spring, but imagine by that time if things progress we’ll be cancelling.

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    On Trainerroad, workouts like Birling ( https://www.trainerroad.com/cycling/workouts/402803-birling ) are brutal, my legs are cooked after them and I struggle to walk up the stairs.

    They definitely have benefit – if you read the TR blurb they have aerobic and anaerobic benefit, though I’m not sure that they would be great if you did nothing…[Read more]

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    I also like the terreno wet for mud – I find them better in most conditions that the clement pdx i had before. The knob spacing is also good for avoiding any oddness on firmer surfaces – i used to find the pdx disconcerting when half lent over on hard surfaces as there was a lot of blank space on the tyre there for mud clearnace

  • Why an SUV? SUVs emit aprrox 10% more emissions than an equivalent hatchback (due to weight primarily). I know you said hybrid, but why not consider a hybrid normal car?

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    I do a lot* of hip flexor flexibility work as i have persistent hip issues but nevr targeted strengthening them. It seems a valid point to me and I’ll look into doing some.

    *relative to the zero flexibility work i do for other muscles

  • @wzzzz – nah integrated, I think I’m on a hiding to nothing tbh.

    @mashr – interesting idea but tyre availability and maybe UCI rules mean that’s a no-go

  • bump for lunch… humour me, last week I couldn’t ride due to an infected toe, now I have manflu, the only thing keeping me sane is overthinking minor problems πŸ™‚

  • Google seems to say need a tapered steerer but I thought I’d check at the fount of all knowledge 😂

    I want to steepen the HA by a small amount, as I prefer the sharper handling of my old bike with more trad geo to my current bike with a 70deg HA. I’m going to try removing a spacer first to see if a bit more weight over the front improves things…[Read more]

  • https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-01-10/-170-billion-and-counting-the-cost-of-brexit-for-the-u-k

    According to Business Insider this is more than we paid to the EU over the last 40 years.

    It also doesnt seem to include the money actually spent on the various deal – no deal planning etc.

  • As if they heard my plea.. πŸ™‚


    I’m hoping round 1 in FoD will get the series off to a bang since recently entries in Wales have been low but given FoD is borderland it should pull in a few entries from that there England.

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    I heard an interview with TP afterwards and his goal had been to lap everyone but the top ten and he was a bit disappointed he’d not managed that!

    I’m hoping there is something at Pembrey again next season since its close enough its worth racing even being pulled after 3 laps. Guess they will announce next seasons dates in the next couple of weeks.

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    They’ve had practice running big races at that location and it showed

    i read that as ‘They’ve had big running races at that location and it showed’ πŸ™‚

    The videos and photos make it look epic. In a couple of years when I’m a Vet and no longer bound by the 80% rule I’m definitely planning on a riding a few more national events as all the c…[Read more]

  • Hoping to do some of the Welsh series but dates/venues haven’t been announced yet and my diary is already filling up quite a bit; of the two that are already on BC I know I can’t do one of them. Can’t see me doing any nationals as nothing close enough to be doable in a day.

    Not XC but I’ve got Battle on the Beach and Battle in the Bowl lined up…[Read more]

  • @whitestone, robbo, thats my general thought… also all my planned workouts till I finish my season are vo2 max orientated where whether I’m actually doing 120% rather than 130% is neither here or there so long as I feel the burn.

    Looking forward to making use of the ‘ride outdoors’ feature when I start base in mid-late feb.

  • Did the ramp test this morning. Changing from TR virtual power to a real power meter for the first time. Unsurprisingly there was a massive change (downwards!); but it means I’m no longer elite level on Coggans scale and instead top end of Cat 4 which is more reasonable!

    Being time constrained I did it as soon as I woke up; figured it was so…[Read more]

  • How much does the wind affect it? Some pics look like it has a bit of a ruffle to it. Guess it’s so small an area it can’t make loads of difference? Just thinking about booking in advance etc.

  • Thing is, you can be a regular footed surfer and be front foot dominant or back foot dominant. I imagine that it is the foot dominance that affecting biking more than natural or goofy footedness?

    I’m a regular foot surfing, used to be very front foot dominant, less so now. always start a race with left foot clipped in and ready to go. I’ve not…[Read more]

  • Enjoy, my wife has bought me a session for my xmas present, think I’ll wait till springtime when it starts to warm up. My mate went and enjoyed it, but he said you have to wear boots from an H&S perspective so mid-summer could be a bit annoying!

    Sounds like they’ve set it up as a nice day out with viewing platform and good cafe etc.

    At the cost…[Read more]

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    does anyone know if the nat champs are being televised this year like they have in the past?

    Seems like the answer is no πŸ™

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    Good luck at Shrewsbury @Garry_Lager – does anyone know if the nat champs are being televised this year like they have in the past?

    I raced Western League yesterday after a few weeks of overindulgence, although the gluttony didnt seem to affect racing that much. Had a cracking day out on a really fun course in the cotswolds, a bit greasy to start…[Read more]

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