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    Have been in many books but chosen to not write my own.

    Interestingly relevant – when I was approached by a publisher to write a book they said very early on in the conversation that publishing a book doesn’t make the author money but helps them to raise there profile, get more speaking gigs and potentially (interesting they said potentially)…[Read more]

  • I recently got an Ergom SM boggo basic one and whacked it on, normal ride 30 miles SDW and it was fine for my arse* from day one. Also has the advantage of hole in it to let water / mud out (saddle not arse) and available in various colours if that makes you happy / faster.

    *Everyones arse is different.


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    Depends what you want to ride I guess and how far. There used to be (not checked recently as I know it on auto pilot) a nice 10 mile mixed 90% off road loop out the back of QE and into the downs and back (check the HCC website cycle bit) and you can always carve a section of the SDW and do a ride till tired / bored / out of time and ride back -…[Read more]

  • Good luck with the ride @Poopscoop – I might well see you on the SDW one day 🙂

    Thanks also for your answers as they really help inform my uninformed view!

    141 is a boost QR standard – who knew? Another one served up by Trek / Cannondale that I know of, not an issue for me but Mrs FB&C – mines 12mm so all good 🙂


  • Now i’ll be the first to admit I’m as technical as an orange, so given that humour me STW that knows with some questions on Zwift and a weird QR too

    1) I’ve got one bike with the ‘joyous’ 141 boost QR and it would appear that with a but of bodgery you can make it work on a turbo trainer like a Kickr Core (bit of a wahoo fan boy) – any one tried?…[Read more]

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    I seem to recall (might be tired or at fault) that Polaris were flogging off lights in the sales, no idea what they’re like but recall thinking they were cheap / looked good for the money – if that gives you another option.

    I’ve always found a good shuffle between a web hunt and user based reviews the best way 🙂


  • +1 for Chase Cycles, the guys busts his nuts after buying it a year or so ago and does a great bit of finding the balance between toys, stuff people actually buy, advice, chat and a damn good service place – I use it often.

    If you’re more into gravelly or roady bikes check out Service De Velo in Botley, lots of bike porn in there if you want to…[Read more]

  • In my case winter style nobbly tyres on mtb “enjoy” more drag and more grip but smile at the thought of how much easier it will be when summer tyres go back on.

    Crack out the lights, ride more at night, more challenge, more dark to ride in :/ so those two go together.

    Treat myself as the biggest barrier to riding, the thought of heading out is…[Read more]

  • Check out the Rocky Mountain Blizzard, not well known FB but good for the tyres you’re after and as an aluminium frame not as hefty as the ICT but not as light as Dude.

    Used to ride one until recently, fab bit of kit.


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    I can give you a new game and take on this .. recently had the local train militia – We’d like to check your ticket (no please, but Im ok with that got ticket) OK says me – can I see your ID please?

    The person was gobsmacked and I quote “Look mate I’m the one stood here with a yellow vest on asking you” OK Dude but I’m the one being asked to hand…[Read more]

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    In true Singletrack style I’d recommend the Mavic H2O boots, as I have them, been fabulous for me, but feet are a very personal thing so I’d definitely try before buying as I wear a 44 normal shoe, 45 spd normally (Specialized / Shimano) but a 46 Mavic :/

    Have ridden for 5 hours without waterproof socks and short with no feet based swimming…[Read more]