• Cheers Hatter.

    They’ll be 2018 M1700 Spline 35 with a 350 hub the same as these. They are boost 148 on a 15mm axle. They are centre lock brake disc mount which I run with a converter.

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    I don’t think I can use contacts because of the shape of my eyeballs (although I might have dreamt that fact). I can appreciate the benefits of contacts that everyone has pointed out but when I think of all the crap and living things I’ve had in my eyes over the years, plus the tears I shed when it starts to get cold I really can’t see me getting…[Read more]

  • After some more looking I just found this manual. Looks like you have to drive the axle out to remove the bearings which needs a couple of special tools and unsurprisingly they are like rocking horse poo to get hold of. Looking like a shop job as the cost of the tools and the bearings will be more expensive than a trip to my LBS !

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    I’ve been wearing prescription glasses for a few years now which cater for a slight prescription for near sight IE they help with the cows that are faaaar away ! I’ve never ridden with glasses and the few times I’ve tried off the shelf non-prescription riding glasses I’ve not really got on with them. However, the prescription is getting gradually…[Read more]

  • I have a set of the DT Swiss M1700 wheels (on the DT Swiss hubs) and the front bearings are more than ready for a change.

    I can’t find any information on the size of the bearings, nor can I find any instructional videos or advice on changing the bearings. Also, I’ve tried removing the end caps with some mole grips and they’re going nowhere, it…[Read more]