• emac65 replied to the topic muddy clothes and kit in the forum Bike Forum 3 months ago

    Same as a lot of others, outer layers hung up in garage & left to dry, inners thrown in the washing machine. Bike cleaned……ahem…. occasionally ….
    Our boiler is in the garage so was really to hook a radiator up to it for drying shoes & anything else

  • emac65 replied to the topic MTBs you covet but never owned in the forum Bike Forum 3 months ago

    The lovely boxy framed Orange Sub5 – nearly bought one, but there was a 2 week wait on it & the spesh Enduro that had just came out was ready to go…… Still regret that decision !
    Spesh Epic – Again,nearly bought one, but got a slightly better deal on Giant’s newly released Trance & it’s Maestro suspension. Regret that too ! !

  • Cheers Rich, wasn’t even looking for any f3ckin’ wheels until I saw this !
    The SS now has a new set of wheels for the winter 😉