• Thanks for all the replies!

    As a test last night I signed up to Rakuten and watched the first Harry Potter in 4K, for the first 40 seconds I thought this is rubbish, but then the download caught up and everything was nice and sharp, way better than I thought it would be.

    I think I’ll buy her the 4k films on Rakuten rather than HD blue ray (and…[Read more]

  • So quality wise is

    Streamed HD = Blu-ray
    Streamed 4K = Blu-ray HD

    And disc versions can be better due to less compression?

  • It’s on a new telly we’ve got, it’s 55 inch 4k compatible.

    My wife is a big harry potter fan and I’ve noticed normal DVD’s aren’t as good to watch on the big telly once you’ve got used to seeing stuff in HD

    Basically I was going to get her all the films for a gift for Xmas. I can either buy downloads in HD or 4K, or I could buy a Blu-ray player…[Read more]

  • Is it worth streaming older films (eg harry potter earlier films from 2001 onwards) in 4k, or just HD?


  • Thanks I’ll try PTFE and boss white as got some of that somewhere. If that fails ill get a genuine pump and grommet!

  • My washer pump packed in so had to replace it, but now it’s dripping where the pump goes into the bottle. Pump just has a grommet over the inlet and that all pushes into the washer bottle.

    I’ve tried with the new grommet and the old grommet but still drips!

    Anyone got any advice on how to fix, might try lots of PTFE tape next to try and make the…[Read more]

  • Going to fit an extra led light outside which will get power from the cable going into an existing one.

    Cable will be running about halfway up an outside roughcast wall, not buried anywhere. What sort of cable should I get?


  • Racing doesn’t appeal, I’d be off the back straight away and would then lose all motivation to continue! I did try one once but my pc struggled with all the riders on the screen and it was really choppy graphics. Also I can never commit to an exact time as it all depends on how long it take kids to get to sleep!

  • So I’m not able to get outside on my bike much these days and have been using zwift and BigringVr quite a lot.

    I live in the lakes and like riding hills, so on the turbo I just usually either pick a route up the radio tower in zwift, or a classic alpine climb in BigringVr and try and ride it as quick as I can.

    Most sessions I do are about an…[Read more]