• TBH I get cars,motorbikes,mopeds,horses,runners,dogs,deers and squirrels jump out and surprise me on the commute regularly.

    It’s the outside word lots of things happen there.

  • ^^^
    Get Brexit done!!!

    Now try and come up with a campaign against that your going to have to work hard 🙁

  • Does BJ needs to be elected in same constituency he promised he would lay down in front of bulldozers?

    Ahh but he’s succeeded in getting a deal they said couldn’t be done and he removed the backstop that was so evil.

    He’s still fighting the Brexit cause against parliament won’t let the people have what they voted for.

    He’s a true patriot B…[Read more]

  • Ah but back to his normal form.

  • So workers rights are in the withdrawl Bill but then not really.

    Except the Schedule referred to in 34 does NOT secure workers rights …Schedule 5A 1. (1) (b) allows Govt to introduce a bill that does not guarantee rights – as ever, smoke and mirrors 🙁

    Grief this stuff is Complex What one schedule give another takes away.

  • That’s in the Withdrawal Agreement not the Bill

    Your right my bad it was quoted from the WA I’d attributed it to being also in the Bill as both were being discussed.

  • Ah well they’re planning to get the WA Bill in 3 days

    The new bill, made public for the first time this evening, is 110 pages long, with 124 pages of explanatory notes.

    Total piss take to try and ram something as important as this thru without scrutiny and its already looking like it’s got some howlers in it starting with that classic of n…[Read more]

  • Parliament was sitting on a non-school day. Unusually. That would make it the ideal day for an MP show their child what goes on behind the scenes at work.

    During possibly one of biggest political protests Ever 🙂

    Seems an eminently sensible decision as well to have a jolly meet and greet the people as well.

  • An MP should be able to take their kid to work and not get harassed while doing so, whoever they

    Totally agree but you can pick the days you take the kids to work and that day probably wasn’t the best choice.

    It’s not like his a bit short this month and can’t afford the childminder 🙂

  • ^^^^^
    Yep your all right there are both technical and political reasons for the move but cynically I think it’s the only way he could sell it.

    Brought to you regards of the wet dream team of Britannia Unchained.

  • Because they are no longer relevant to the Withdrawal Agreement because they were included as part of the Customs Union package which has been dropped, they will now be included in the negotiations for the trade deal envisaged by the Political Declaration

    I was being vexatious 😉

    Your spot on thou, they’ll most ‘likely‘ be back in any EU-U.…[Read more]

  • What are where is your proof that leaving the EU will automatically be worse for workers rights and the enviroment?

    Where your Proof they’ll be better then 🙂

    Explain why you think they were moved from the withdrawal Agreement (legally enshrined in law )to the Pointless Decleration then ?

    They were minimum standards that our government c…[Read more]

  • Tbh when someone’s selling you a ‘great new deal’ you know there full of shit.

    Especially when that great new deal starts out shafting workers rights and the environment and you’ve got a PM telling you it allows them to implement greater rights than the EU, although the EU rights are a minimum requirement and the members can go above them.…[Read more]

  • Horrifying to say but we are one our way out with a Hard Brexit and then desperate pain and conflict for many years to come. Hell we still might crash out in 14 months anyway as the trade deals are always going to be the hard part after the “easy” withdrawal deal.

    Yep it’s why the erg are on-board , once Brexits‘done’ on 31 they’ll attempt to…[Read more]

  • Just as well I’m not running one of the the EU 27, my attitude would be to refuse an extension, let the UK crash out and then start negotiating from a position of strength. Impose

    He got the deal as it was in their favour – sorts out his NI mess.

    They’re already in a position of strength.

  • Hmm Don’t forget that Suspended Court of Sessions case.

    He’s playing games for the upcoming election.

  • It’s very interesting how the backstop became the frontstop and Boris is actually using the getting rid of the backstop ‘they said couldn’t be done’as a selling point. When in reality he’s just triggered it.
    (I get it doesn’t affect the whole uk but it was an insurance policy so would have only been bought into play in the event of FTD).

    He’s…[Read more]

  • On a technical point: EU regs are direct law in member states. Directives are transposed into member state law, and there are derogations in both, which are choices for member states. The role of the European commission is to assess compliance. Lecture over, but my point is that divergence from any of this will be done via legislation

    I’ve b…[Read more]