• My rental was about £450 for the week… But £100 of that was the foreign travel fee….

    This is for a 69 plate t6 caravelle.
    No mileage limit, no ad blue need.. Just to bring back with the same level of fuel..


  • Omg…. I think I’m in love!

    The drive through the UK and France to Holland was sublime!

    2 adults, 4 kids, loads of stuff… Felt like the most luxurious trip!
    Lovely seating position, nice and clear views!

    Still don’t like the dsg for pulling away (either crawls, or I spin the wheels… Think that’s driver error though). But when…[Read more]

  • DrP replied to the topic My newest MTB pencil piece in the forum Bike Forum 5 days ago

    Currently sat here staring up at my “a big shock to some ‘… Still amazed by it!!

    I like the go pro one… But the shock is immense!


  • So I’ve rented a LUSH 69 plate caravelle to take me, my kids, and the missus and her kids, to Holland…

    Will be interesting to actually spend a significant time driving one, rather than fawning over them!

    Initial impressions… I love the space, but wonder if for ME amd my day to day requirements, a 2 row of seats kombi would be better? But……[Read more]

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    Easy at home, but take your time…
    hair dryer and the included scraper thing are necessary.

    Apply it to the frame ‘cold’ (i.e don’t heat it up BEFORE putting on the frame), then heat it and contour it….


  • DrP replied to the topic Bike got nicked last night! in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Nice!! What colour did you get?
    For frame protection, have a look at the DYEDBro stuff….

    I need some more pics of the bike now sporting for 36ers and CCDB air IL..


  • DrP replied to the topic Your cycling confessions in the forum Bike Forum 1 week ago

    I get really annoyed when people spend thousands on a bike and don’t care about it’s functions and set up obsessively.. Suspension being one…!
    There’s SO much to fiddle with to get right!


  • DrP replied to the topic Bike got nicked last night! in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Only thing I’m not keen on is the Guide R brakes (4 pots) as I hear they’re not great but potential future upgrade I guess as I’ve always preferred shimano, but the bike comes with 200m rotor up front so I’d hope 200mm rotor and 4 pot would be fairly decent?

    I’ve got the ‘normal’ stumpy with these… i had similar reservations, and TBH they ar…[Read more]

  • my lad wanted to subscribe to the arty ones – you get some pens, crayons, and nice rubbers.
    I guess they are an ‘idea point’ as you can draw based on the contents…but they aere £15 for clearly £8 worth of stuff.


  • Mmmm… Just installed the KEF speakers.. Damn, they sound good!

    Connected them to the sub (q acoustic sub) and they’re super punchy, with a lovely range…

    I THINK I can hear the better quality via the spotify connect direct (got them wired so the stream qual is max)…

    Just need to figure how to control them via the amaxon alexa!


  • DrP replied to the topic Ban the internetz….. in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    I think the first comment was a desire to see child porn blocked from the net. A reasonable wish, really.

    Oh I agree… I guess I became distracted the conversation that ensued about the merits of un-encrypting the whole of the internet data, and why this won’t be possible…!


  • DrP replied to the topic Ban the internetz….. in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    TLDR version..
    Person who doesn’t understand how internet/internet traffic works thinks you can stop bad things on said internet easily.


  • DrP started the topic Ban the internetz….. in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    OK, apologies for the long ‘copy and paste’ below, but despite the horrible topic that sparked it (Here…from my local free newspaper) I was in awe of a)the person suggesting we ban the internet to stop porn, and b)the person reeatedly engaging with them!!

    Click on the original link for the comments in a more readable format…

    Anyway..point…[Read more]

  • The brakes are only a few months old, and the bleed kit (epic) is brand new..

    I’ll bleed again as per SRAM website, talking plenty of time (again!).

    Oh… with Shimano you benefit from ‘leveling out’ the lever…same on SRAM?


  • DrP replied to the topic Limit number of new threads? in the forum Chat Forum 1 week ago

    Curses…. They’ve stolen my business plan. Hmm….

    Bitcoin gift anyone?


  • Ha, scotroutes!
    I’ve shimano on all the other bones, but tbh I was mega impressed with the guides..
    I write the pad /backing /rotor out at bpw, and think the piston came out too far…

    Hopefully will get them good again!


  • I’ve got the kit, and ashtray given them a bleed, but they are still a bit squishy….
    Any benefits of doing it from the caliper end FIRST? Seems illogical to push any bubbles that have risen to the lever BACK into the system??

    Any other tips to get them sharp?


  • Echo devices (amazon) have their own multi room, yeah…

    I guess my challenge will be to ‘include’ a non echo device in that (the KEFs).. I guess it would be through spotify, not the alexa app?!

  • Cheers… a slight apprehension is I like to play spotify ‘everywhere’, which is easy if your “everywhere group” is ‘echo + ehcho + echo + echo dot’. I wonder if i can set up an ‘everywhere group’ that contains ‘echo + echo + echo + KEF speaker…’.

    If not, I can always supply the music through the echo dot and the aux cable if that’s needed?


  • I’m currently listening in the lounge (well, not CURRENTLY..but, I have in the lounge..) on some Q acoustic BT3 speakers.

    Am awaiting delivery on some KEF LSXs after reading multiple great reviews on them.. it will be interesting to see how they sound quality of spotify is through the onboard ‘gubbins’ rather than via an echo dot and 3.5mm aux…[Read more]

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