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    That looks gorgeous. Paint colour is great.
    I think you need to consider it as a “do lots of things well, but not necessarily perfect for any of them” bike and just try and enjoy riding it.
    My gravel bike came with 700c wheels shod with 40mm tyres. It’s good on the road and fun on back roads and tracks. I’m thinking of getting a set of 650b wheels…[Read more]

  • Purgatory front, Ground Control rear has been my usual combo for years.
    Recently changed to 2.6″ Eliminator front and Butcher rear, both Grid flavour bought in the last Spesh sale, on my HT and they are proving to be a good winter/wet/muddy combination.

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    We all do in my family.

    Even The Boy wears a pair of 1461’s and he’s a die-hard trainer wearer.

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    That’s a lovely looking bike. Looks like there is plenty of room for 700c wheels and skinnier tyres if you want to use it on the roads more.
    Once you ride it on a few fire roads and less technical single tracks I’m sure you will love it.
    Gravel biking is like mountain biking was in the 1980’s but with drop bars.

  • No, you are not being unreasonable. The Monday is a normal work day.
    If a member of staff goes away to a meeting for example and then due to distance spends the next day travelling back, do the rest of the workforce get a day off?
    It’s the same principle. The team building event is ‘work’.

  • I built up a ‘winter hard tail’ 2 years ago.

    Bird Zero Mk1 frame
    Fox 34 Fit4 140mm forks
    SLX M675 2×10 gears
    XT M785 brakes
    SRAM something or other hubs on WTB i25 rims
    FSA 50mm stem
    Brand-X bars
    Brand-X 120mm dropper post
    Charge Spoon saddle
    Specialized tyres – 2.6″ Eliminator and Butcher

    Everything apart from the bars, dropper post and tyres…[Read more]

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    My wife has a 2019 Toughroad SLR 1. It’s the flat bar version and she loves it.
    It’s a very good bike IMO. Fast enough on the road with the tyres pumped up hard and very capable on single track, fire roads, etc with the tyre pressure dropped for a bit of extra grip and cushioning. It is basically a rigid MTB.
    Shimano hydraulic brakes, 2×10 Deore…[Read more]

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    3 years clean for us and feeling good.
    We missed the record function initially but soon forgot all about it.

    There is enough on Freeview and the free catch up services (iPlayer, All4, etc) to mean your hours can still be filled with drivel.

    If you really want to watch some of the SKY offering just get a NowTV box and pay £7/month. You can watch…[Read more]

  • N+1, innit. 😉

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    @zilog6128 – no problem.

    The route goes within half a mile of Tiny Rebel Brewery so no worries there! 🙂
    It’s all downhill from the brewery back to the HI Express so that’s even better.

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    No problem. I’ll send it to you this evening when I get home from work.

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    I have a 40km route that takes in most of what shedbrewed outlines above but in the opposite direction. I can send you the GPX file if you want, @shanta.
    It starts on the canal up to Cwmcarn, fireroad to join the Twch trail near Bishop’s Finger, Airstream and then up on to the ridge. Along to the iron age fort, double back along the ridge all the…[Read more]

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    There isn’t much gravel riding to be had in Newport unfortunately.
    You can ride up to Cwmcarn easily from the HI Express but it’s about 8.5-9 miles on road, cycle path and canal path – all tarmac apart from a couple of short sections. You are better off jumping in the car and driving up to Cwmcarn and riding from there.
    Once at Cwmcarn you could…[Read more]

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    Walk the Highline. Do it North to South after visiting the Intrepid and then have lunch in Hector’s Cafe & Diner. It’s an old school diner and better than all the nearby hipster places.
    Tour of Yankee Stadium.
    Empire State Building at night.
    Top of The Rock during the day – great views over Manhattan and Central Park (although there is a new…[Read more]

  • We are having the same problem with iPlayer on a Sony TV. I think it is down to the TV app Sony use as the Samsung TV in another room never fails to load or play iPlayer.

    Have you checked for any updates for your Viera TV?

  • Something second-hand like THIS would be a good buy.
    My wife bought the Toughroad SLR1 a few months ago and loves it. It was bought with a tour of Normandy next July in mind but is now her go-to bike for the majority of her rides.

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    That looks spot on. Thanks, @reggiegasket.

  • My gravel bike has bars that are angled slightly backwards. They are very comfy but now the nights are drawing in evening rides need lights. However, due to the swept back bars my front light doesn’t point forwards. It points noticeably to the left or right depending which side of the stem I mount it.
    Any recommendations for a stem or faceplate…[Read more]

  • I have upgraded the kit on my gravel bike so the following are all for sale. According to Garmin the parts have only done 131 miles, so practically brand new….

  • Giant Defy 1 in excellent condition. Brake callipers have been upgraded to Shimano 105 and tyres swapped for 28mm Continental GP 4 Seasons. Brand new Giant Contact Neutral saddle fitted….

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