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    Roof tiles are rattling and clattering disconcertingly loudly here in the Stroud Alps. The wind is gusting quite enthusiastically.

  • It sounds like you’re zones are wrong, I don’t know how long the race was but it is highly unlikely (more like impossible) you would spend that long in z5!

    It was only nine miles. I’ll have a look at the settings. I had a lingering lurgy so going to wait till I’ve recovered, then test again.

  • On the suggestion from here (Link) I did my first zwift race with an hrm, that being TdZ stage 7 yesterday.

    According to the zwift analysis, I spent most my time in z5, with a little bit in z4. Seems like I’m riding too hard? My race average was 6bpm under my max hr. However, I was riding hard having moved up to C because my last two stages w…[Read more]

  • No riding but instead hiking in the Brecons with some other mtbers, all taking a break from pushing bikes through mud.

  • What’s the HRM of choice here, that will connect either direct to my iPhone and Zwift companion or to the Bluetooth on the laptop?

    I don’t need a watch as I’ve got a Polar FT4 which is only compatible with the specific Polar protocol on the HRM strap.

  • Tour de Zwift stage 3 race at 19.40 this evening was a bit of a work-out. According to zp, the top 18 finishers were all group B and out of the top 25, all were group B except for three A’s 🤔.

    Wasn’t much fun at the lower end of C group as I was almost spat out the back within the first mile. Managed to claw back from 98ish to 89th overall, mai…[Read more]

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    The old one had a forum feel about it. You would get some interesting conversations going on around whatever was being sold or wanted. The new one doesn’t seem to get those; it’s just a dry buying and selling platform. It has lost its STWness where it felt like meeting up in the market square for a natter and grabbing a bargain.

  • Got Gloucester half marathon on Sunday. Entered it straight after a half I did in October, hoping it would motivate me to keep up my running fitness through winter.

    Nope. Haven’t done anything other than other things that interest me during winter, being zwift and indoor swimming. Will go along anyway and see if I can get round.

    Anyone else doing it?

  • Cycle on the side of the cycle path relative to the side of the road that is driven on. Drive on the left hand side of the road? Ergo, cycle on the left-hand side of the cycle path.

    Wearing all black cycling kit does not make it easier to spot a cyclist on the road, in the low sunlight, with no bike lights.

    eMtbs are a worthy inclusion for…[Read more]

  • Currently following the Gravel Grinder ‘training’ plan to keep me fitter than fatter over winter. In week 3 of 12, and seems like it’s a workout every day which is a little tedious. Need my recovery days more than ever, but could do with a gap of two days from time to time.

    Thanks for those who give me kudos. Weeksy, just one question: have you g…[Read more]

  • If we all do our bit we can do a lot more than our respective governements. If you start to do things it will influence people around you too. I’ve been inspired by others and hope to inspire.


    Changed jobs a few months ago, turning a 40 minute (each way) car commute into a 10 minute bike commute. (Although I now endure car emissions 😷.) Y…[Read more]

  • Oat milk for me (Oatly) due to low dairy tolerance. Good for taste and also seems to have the lowest environmental impact compared to the nut, soya and rice milks. The program on where our food comes from, did an episode on almond milk that is worth watching if you can find it. Just read that Provitamil is an oat milk produced in the UK, which…[Read more]

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    We’ve got the 2012 ecoboost turbo 1.0. Main issue we have had (found out after we bought it), is the engine overheating and so the coolant gets used up rather quickly and suddenly. This resulted in loss of power, so we limped to a garage, topped up the coolant and drove away with no further issues. The engine temperature light didn’t come on, but…[Read more]