• I really enjoyed the first episode. Although it could’ve been spread over two episodes, it felt like there was a lot of story to get through.

    I loved the line about the romulans ” not romulans lives…lives”. It was quite dusty in here….

    I’m looking forward to detective Picard solving the mystery. How long until he gets a ship?

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    I also got a set of the Kinetic ones, great quality. Last year was the first time I’ve ever changed the bearings on a frame, it was so simple.

    Concering the blind bearing, I hit it with a hammer and screwdriver, worked a treat.

  • Good spot on Blue Ruin, really enjoyed Green Room and Hold The Dark.

    Destroyer (recent one from Karen Kusama, director of The Invitation) is worth a watch, more of a psychological thriller.

    Also You Were Never Really Here.

  • Calibre, thriller about a shooting trip in the Scottish highlands.

    Tense is an understatement.

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    I’ve always run in inov8s but my current pair of roclites (new graphite 290)  are hurting my feet on long runs. Great on anything up to a couple of hours.

    I’ve just signed up for two Ultras this year, so also looking for something more cushioned. I tried hokas but didn’t like the vague sole, might get some for road miles.

    Salomon sense pro 2…[Read more]

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    I’m currently rewatching DS9 on Netflix and Odo is a consistent highlight.

  • I got a bus today, so I could pick my van up from the garage. It was really plush, with fancy seats, USB charging and wifi. It was also pretty expensive and not even half full. Definitely no cup holders.

    Unfortunately the timetable isn’t ideal for getting to and from work. I would have to wait 40 mins after work for a bus.

    Fortunately I’m close…[Read more]

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    Can’t believe no one has mentioned What’s Goin On yet though. Like astral weeks this has had continual play over decades for me.

    @metalheart mentioned on page one, one of my favourites of all time.

    Great to see so much love for Dummy, I think it was unfairly lumped in with the trip hop phase, when it’s a much darker and more rewarding listen tha…[Read more]

  • doom_mountain replied to the topic Your perfect albums in the forum Chat Forum 2 months ago

    Portishead – Dummy

    David Bowie – Low (I could easily list several of his albums, but this is fautless)

    Boards Of Canada – Music has the right to children

    Postal Service – Give up

    Stevie Wonder – Innervisions

    Marvin gaye – What’s going on?