• My gmail address is the surname of my former landlord from about 17 years ago (long story but itt was my nickname for a while!).

    I now get emails from his bank, sons school, various church groups etc. I presume because his email is very similar and he gives the wrong address to certain things!

    I’m thinking about doing a reverse Nigerian email scam 🙂

  • djambo replied to the topic Anyone made a shoe rack? in the forum Chat Forum 4 weeks ago

    We bought something like the below off ebay. Cost £50 and does the job perfectly (after I cleaned all the mechanics oil off it).

    Our has small pigeon hols up top which are perfect for shoes and bigger holes down below which are goof for wellies or the kids school bags etc.

    shoe rack

  • I’ve got that post run smugness feeling.

    Usually my runs on work days need to happen at about 11am (pre lunch) or it doesn’t happen. I debated sacking it off and going to the shop to buy a pack of chocolate biscuits to be consumed at my desk instead for about 3 hours. Finally I forced myself to leave the office at 2pm and my usual 5.5km loop…[Read more]

  • after recently starting to run at night on a partial road/partial footpath/offroad route I went for an Alpkit Quark.

    Very impressed with it. PLenty bright enough for dark woods with no moon. Nivce to have the flexibility of running on rechargeable USB or AAAs.

  • Take a look at calisthenics. Can do it almost anywhere. Minimal kit needed so very cheap.

  • djambo replied to the topic Picking mushrooms in the forum Chat Forum 1 month ago

    near where we live there are mushrooms galore around the local footpaths and woods where i walk/run. I’ve got the book above and a collins field guide that i’ve been using to ID what I see as well as watching some youtube videos (from renowned foragers that run courses, not cowboys!).

    i’ve not eaten any yet but i’m confident i’ve 100% ID’d a…[Read more]