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    I have a Black Diamond Bandit.

    I was thinking more along the lines of the Volcom Iguchi Slack Vest or the Dakine Heli Vest but yeah … the smaller the profile of the pack the better I reckon when in resort – and of course spare supplies with the little rippers is required

    Problem with big packs is there is a tendancy to fill them … (I know…[Read more]

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    Just leave the damn things on your back, all strapped up like they’re supposed to be

    Problem with this is that packs (especially big ones) often shift people’s body & weight forward, which can make lowering the safty bar and getting off the lift problematic for other people on the lift especially at busy periods.

    Up to the individual and h…[Read more]

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    Had haunted dancehall and Stockwell steppas on this avo

    Sabres of Paradise’s Haunted Dancefloor was one of my favourites from the mid-90s.

    They played The Leadmill in Sheffield as part of a Warp Records night with LFO and Autechre … the whole night was just mental! #ClicksAndBeeps

    Very sad loss indeed!

  • o hundreds of thousands of guilty people were not prosecuted for practical reasons.

    Indeed … and modern Germany doesn’t try and cover this up – check out Topography of Terror museum in Berlin: there’s a whole section on what happned to many of the people in ‘involved’ in the Holocaust after the end of WWII and the positions in post-war…[Read more]

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    Bond theme for goths.

    This made me smile!

    I’m 52 and I like some of her her stuff as for me it has a whiff of Portishead – album has a couple of slow-ish tracks but she’s really got something performing live … and a great relationship/rapour with her audience.

    and +1 for what DezB said.

  • Very sad loss … his style was a massive influence on me and many of the bands I like growing up.

  • I hope all of you criticising the Police are actively badgering your democratically elected Police and Crime Commissioners to get the Chief Constable to reprioritise their resources,

    Yep – and also escalating to SYP Chief Constable Stephen Watson.
    Complete waste of time though.

    and are prepared to pay the extra required to give them the…

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  • Let’s hope it’s South Yorkshire Police

    Personal experience would suggest that SYP would adopt a similar approach – sadly because of continued cuts, football and trees, SYP now seemingly view burglary and the recovery of stolen goods to be a best an inconvenience despite the fact that as reported on BBC Look North Leeds, South Yorkshire now has…[Read more]

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    I was once recommended to put the car in reverse gear when trying to set off and negotiate the likes of downhill slippery compact snow or icy patch. Then, rather than jamming the brakes, locking them and sliding you would bring the clutch up and the vehicle would descend very slowly but without skidding and sliding into the curb or worse another…[Read more]

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    I watched the stage version of TLOG last night and noticed how many of the good characters were Steve Pemberton and how few were Gatiss. Be interested to know how much he contributes to Inside No9.

    Inside No9 is Pemberton & Shearsmith. Gatiss is not involved, but there are nods etc.

    Personally I prefer Inside No9 to TLOG, but suffice to say I…[Read more]

  • @stevomcd – yep … completely agree with your take on the industry and Burton!

    I never understood what seemed to be some form of inverted [brand] snobbery.

    I’ve never owned many Burton boards, but to be honest I’ve gone back to Burton’s ‘solid board’ bindings again and again over the years … the Mission & Cartel bindings just ticked all the…[Read more]

  • + for the Black Diamond Compactor poles and for being able to put your poles in your backpack.

    My only criticism with the Conpactor is that they would feel a bit flimsy/noodly if I had to put my full weight on them when negotiating certain technical kick turns or icy sections and I’ve managed to shave quite a bit of aluminium off the bottom…[Read more]

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    Agreed – the likes of Tom Sim, Jake Burton Carpenter and Craig Kelly all helped shape what I know today as modern snowboarding … which has provided me with immense please and huge enjoyment.

  • +1 for Sick and Wrong in Keswick

    Really helpful and a pleasure to deal with. They do rent out splitboards so may well have some ex-rentals to sell!

  • Digby replied to the topic Michael Bonney in the forum Bike Forum 3 months ago

    Met him very briefly many years ago – top bloke.

    Found it very difficilt to read his post yesterday, but at the same time his positive attitude, honesty, and it has to be said his cracking sense of humour and perspective shone through!


  • For the organised/targeted thefts, (as opposed to the opportunistic/junkie theft) my theory [based on my own bitter experience] is that there are established networks to split frames and components, move them to another part of the country and sell them privately.

    The frames and components then get sold on various times until eventually a year or…[Read more]

  • Had this on a Sumsung ‘Smart TV’ the other day where iPlayer just loads with the purple background.

    Other Apps like All4 and Amazon were ok.

    Had to do a ‘Smart Hub Reset’ – the apps are then refreshed and iPlayer worked again

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    The thing I don’t understand is why these landowners even care.

    The landowner/manager has a legal responsibility to maintain & clear a ProW

    So gates, stiles & vegetation etc all have to be repaired and replaced and PRoWs made safe so as not to endanger users, which means unwanted expense for the landowner.

    One of the previous l…[Read more]

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    The Advocacy Files – a celebration of effort

    Just re-read ‘The Advocacy Files’ in your link and I’m left with the impression that apart from perhaps Whinstone Lee Tor and involvement in Cut Gate, the Advocacy Files actually reads like a celebration of what has been achieved in the Sheffield area by Ride Sheffield …

    I’m not doubting P…[Read more]